“YELLOW, It Is Only A Colour!” What’s So WRONG With It?

1 07 2011

Greetings and Salam I bring to you my friends. Dear friends, as we take a look at the above topic entitled “YELLOW, It’s Only A Colour!” So, What is wrong with it? Why is the government so against the color YELLOW that they have to tell the police to arrest anyone using the colour YELLOW! The color YELLOW has become a “taboo” to the Malaysian government. Ever since BERSIH came up with YELLOW as their theme color, the Malaysian government is in the state of FEAR. Why is that so?  Is the color YELLOW a THREAT to the Government?

Dear Malaysians, does this ever make sense to you? The police are going around to arrest those who are wearing clothes that are YELLOW in color even though it is not the BERSIH T-Shirt. Does this ever make sense to any of us out there ? It does not make sense to me at all. Meaning, if I am going to wear on a YELLOW saree, will I to be arrested? What the government is suppose to ban that they are not doing.

CORRUPTION is so prevailing in our country but that the government is not looking into! Why? CORRUPTION is their main DELICACY. Without that they can never live. Every corner we see that there is CORRUPTION and the worst of all you can find CORRUPTION prevailing in the government bodies. DO SOMETHING ABOUT THAT! It is because that the Malaysian government can’t stop CORRUPTION happening at all levels, so what is WRONG with BERSIH coming in to CLEAN up the MESS?

Dear friends, coming back to the topic of  color. The government has asked the police to arrest anyone found using the color YELLOW. To the Hindus, the color YELLOW is their favourite color? Today, if you go to the temples you will find most people in their clothing that is YELLOW in color? Is the police going to arrest them today? What about Thaipusam? Most of the devotees will be in YELLOW! There will be thousands of them. Is the police going to arrest all of them?

The government should me matured enough in their thinking on what should be banned. It looks like the color YELLOW will be taken off from the life of every individual.All the retail outlets that are selling clothing’s that are YELLOW in color whether its your inner garment or outer garment the sales are going to drop. Many people love to go for the color YELLOW all because its a STRIKING color.

Dear Malaysians, what about the schools that are having their Sports Day? I believe from the time of our Prime Minister and all the Ministers in the government cabinet all of them did attend local schools. And what are the colours of the houses that we represent? Was it not RED, YELLOW, GREEN And BLUE?  What are you going to do today to the children who will be wearing their YELLOW T-SHRTS, to represent their HOUSES? Be it from the Primary to the Secondary? Is the government  going to ban the colour of YELLOW that represents the houses that the students are in today? Let not the FUTURE GENERATION lose hope in the present GOVERNMENT.

The Government can do all what they want to do and abuse the power that they have. The government can restrict and put the rules that they want but a word of CAUTION! The same voters who voted the present government to govern the country they are the same ones that will bring you down. They voted you because they want to see that the country is govern wisely, justly and for the good of all races.

So be wise enough to know what you are doing today. With all due respect, the present Prime Minister must know that he is the Prime Minister for all citizens of Malaysia and not only for BN-UMNO. The Prime Minister should support the BERSIH Rally, because it is a GENUINE and CLEAN RALLY.All the 8 things that BERSIH is asking for, is good. There is nothing wrong in that.

If still the government is against BERSIH, the government has got no one to blame but themselves, because they will have to face the consequences when the public show their power in the next 13 General Elections. People will walk hand in hand regardless of their race, creed and religion to BREAK DOWN THE WALLS OF INJUSTICE AND CORRUPTION. The next GOVERNMENT to RULE will be in the HANDS of the PEOPLE to decide who they want to CHOOSE to GOVERN the COUNTRY.  The “PEOPLES POWER WILL DECIDE IN THE NEXT 13 GENERAL ELECTION.”







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