2 07 2011

Bersih 4.0 Mum & SonGreetings and Salam to all of you my friends regardless of who you are. We may be of a different race, creed, religion and of different colors but we are all ONE race and that is the HUMAN RACE. Being in ONE RACE we see and acknowledge that every human being is no different than the other in God’s eyes. Every single human being is to be treated fairly and equally. Not one single human being must ever have this thought ” Why, am I being treated so unfairly than the others?” What have I done to be treated in this way? Is it because I am of a different race, creed, religion and of a different color? Yes, my friends, this is what many of us may be feeling and having the thought within us. Why are these things allowed to happen? The ROOT problem is because it is called “ABUSE OF POWER!” WE the people have allowed it to happen. WE see it happening at All Levels and most of all when it happens in the GOVERNMENT itself! We see Abuse of Power in every form.

Dear friends, first and foremost let us see the definition of the word “Abuse of Power” and what it means. The definition of Abuse of Power is an act of using one’s position of power in an abusive way. This can take many forms, such as taking advantage of someone, gaining access to information that shouldn’t be accessible to the public, or just manipulating someone with the ability to punish them if they don’t comply.

Dear fellow citizens of Malaysia, let us take a look at what is happening to our country and also the government. To some citizens they have absolute faith and trust in the government. Perhaps you know people who believe that the government can do no wrong. People who believes that the government never lies. People who believe that every good and perfect things come from the government. I too have believed that too. I was a fool to believe it. It was never ever that way.If everything was under check and balance why do we see Oppositions and BERSIH coming in.It is because of the Abuse of Power that the government has used against the people. So such bodies are not willing or going to allow it to go on.

We as citizens of Malaysia, do submit to the laws that were enforced by the government. We do not go against the law. Malaysians are not law breakers. The public know how to restrict themselves but not the government. They use and abuse the power that they have all because they think that no one should go against the government. Just because they are in control. They have forgotten their pledge to the people when the people voted them . “The Government is for the people and not the people for the Government.” Government was originally designed by the people and for the people, with the intent to limit the power of government through democratic processes and a system of checks and balances.

Somewhere along the way, many of the representatives and officials that are supposed to be working for the people have learned to use the power of their position to control us in accomplishing their own political agendas. We the voters have allowed career politicians to manipulate our government to gain and maintain increasing power over our daily lives and our constitutionally guaranteed freedoms. Our government’s abuse of power is quickly snowballing out of control. So, before it goes out of control we need sensible citizens who are bold enough to stand up and talk for our rights. You don’t expect to see things going wrong and just be ignorant about it. Do not be a “Puppet” on a string!

Dear Friends, it is universally apparent that all people are created equal, and that they are granted at birth with certain rights. These rights include life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Governments are formed by the people to secure these rights, and the people have the sole responsibility for authorizing and monitoring the powers they grant to the government on their behalf. Whenever any form of government fails to adequately protect the rights of the people, the people have the right to change their government and to redistribute power as they deem necessary to secure their principles and to maintain their safety and well-being. On this note, common sense should be used in making changes to a functioning government, with a singular focus on critical issues that will have a long-term affect on the people. History has shown us that people will tend to remain complacent, often tolerating a lifetime of fractional ongoing governmental abuses, rather than taking the action needed to change the offending government.

But when a government consistently violates the trust of the people by diluting, compromising, and challenging their rights, it is the right of the people to protect themselves from such hostilities. It is the duty of the people to move beyond their frustration at this point, and to take responsible action, De-authorizing the offending government and providing new safeguards for their future security.

People can’t go on keeping silent when they can see that there is an ABUSE OF POWER!  When the public or the oppositions question the Government we are put under ISA just because we have voiced out! That is already Abuse of Power. People who are bold and brave enough to stand up for what is right will be monitored by the Special Branch. Every move they take will be monitored.They will even do things to frame you up and put you behind bars. Isn’t that Abuse of Power? Where is our FREEDOM to VOICE Out?

Dear friends, on the 9th of July there will be the BERSIH Rally. These rally is not going against the GOVERNMENT. Why is the government so afraid to give them the permit to have the rally? People if you see the 8 things that BERSIH is asking for there is nothing at all wrong in it. The government should be happy and be proud Malaysians still have these good values within them.

What the public ever wants is again GOOD AND CLEAN GOVERNANCE. The government should not SILENCE the PEOPLE’S VOICE.  If they do then they fit into this saying, “Once a government is committed to the principal of silencing the voice of the opposition, it has only one way to go, and that is down the path of increasingly repressive measures, until it becomes a source of terror to all its citizens and creates a country where everyone lives in fear” by Harry S.Truman, 1950

Dear friends, we need not fear at all. All we are ever asking for is GOOD GOVERNANCE. Keep the Spirit of THE PEOPLE”S POWER  in FLAME! As Thomas Jefferson quoted “When people fear their government there is Tyranny, when the government fears the people there is Liberty.” So Malaysians, do not fear. We with ONE VOICE have to stop the “ABUSE OF POWER” at all levels.

God Bless Malaysia.





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