” Fish And Salt Anyone?”

2 07 2011

No to corruptionGreetings I bring to you my dear friends in the name of Our Lord Jesus Christ Our Redeemer. Dear friends as we take a look at today’s topic entitled “Fish and Salt Anyone,” here we are to see why the word of God speaks about Fish and Salt? Friends, do take time to read the rest of the article and Stay Blessed always.

Dearly beloved friends, as we take a look at the above topic, Jesus Our Lord have used parables to teach his disciples. But today we are going to look at only FISH and SALT. Friends, there are many of us out there who prefer to eat more fish than meat. As we know fishes live in the sea. And the sea is very salty right? You and I can never do anything to remove the saltiness from the sea. By the way, that is why I do not like to swim in the sea. I drank a lot of sea water when the waves hit to my face. That really put me off.From then on, I rather sit on the beach and watch the people. Friends, now coming back to the matter of the fish. Have you friends ever wondered, why the fish that is living in the sea is not at all salty, where else it is 24 hours in the sea? Why hasn’t the salt from the sea got into the flesh of the fish? When we buy fish from the market, we need to rub some salt and spices on it before we cook it to get the taste. Without salt the fish will be tasteless. 

Dear friends, the fish that has been living in the sea and soaked in the salt water has not allowed the salt to get into its flesh. But we as humans, when we go and have a swim in the sea and when we stay for long hours or even for a short while, the salt do get into our bodies. If you do not believe me, when you go to the sea-side the next time and when you go for a swim, I am not being disgusting here, but taste your  hand and you can feel the saltiness. But the funny thing is, the salt goes into the human flesh so fast but not so for the fishes in the sea! Friends, salt is good to bring out the flavour of the food that we cook. But too much of salt will bring saltiness to the food and we would not be able to eat the food. It is the same in our  daily lives friends.

Beloved friends, we are to be like the fishes in the sea and we are not to let the salt to get into our bodies. What, I am talking about is the Salt of Corruption. We are living in the world and not in heaven. We are not to let the salt of corruption of this earth that we live in get into our bodies. Once when this salt of corruption gets into our bodies, it will corrupt our whole being. Everything of it my friends. We as children of God must be able to guard ourselves against all the things that will try to enter our flesh and corrupt and contaminate us. There are many believers out there who have corrupted themselves with the earthly pleasures of this world. Friends, we must understand that the earthly pleasures will only bring us to ruin one day. It will eat up our whole body until we are destroyed totally.

Dear friends, to guard ourselves against the Salt of Corruption, we have to guard ourselves with the word of God daily. The word of God is like a shield that will guard us so that the Salt of corruption will never get into our flesh. It is a daily matter to guard ourselves always. The devil is always waiting to prowl on us. Do not give the devil a foothold on our lives. Make sure that there is no open avenues that the devil can come in and destroy and corrupt your whole being. Friends, let us today guard ourselves with the word of God. Let us take the example of the fishes in the sea. The saltiness of the sea could not pollute the flesh of the fish. Take your stand today and say NO TO CORRUPTION IN ANY FORM! Do your part as a BELIEVER. Stay Blessed and Be Blessed Always.

God Bless.




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