“Breaking Down The Walls That Separates Us From God And Salvation”

3 07 2011

Greetings I bring to you my dear friends in the name of Our Lord Jesus Christ Our Redeemer. Dear friends, let us take a look at today’s topic entitled “Breaking Down The Walls That Separates Us From God.” Yes, friends, there are many things today that have separated us from God and His Love towards us. Please do take time to read the rest of the article and stay blessed always.

Dearly beloved friends, today around the globe there are many of us who are believers have built walls that separates us and God. Because of the walls, we have wandered far away from God’s love and mercy. We have all strayed away from God and because of the walls that has become a division between us and God, many of us believers have taken the wrong path in our life. Why is it that so, my friends? Many of us are born Christians but we chose to build walls of hostility between God and us. But my friends, Today God is telling us to break all the walls that is separating us from God and His enduring love for His people.

Dear friends, if you take time to pause for a while, just take a look at yourself and those around you. We will be able to see only a minority of people who are happy today and majority of them who are so unhappy with their lives. Whenever you ask them, “How is life, with you today?” you will never get a pleasant and good response from them. Their response will always be something that is always negative. You can see within them that they are so troubled and heavy laden. They look so down trodden. They look so depressed and stressed out with their life. All so because of the walls that they have build between them and God.

Dearly beloved friends, let us take a look at the things that has become a wall that we build to separate ourselves from God. it is we who have built this wall of separation and not God. Beginning from the time of Adam and Eve, disobedient became the wall that separated Adam and Eve from the presence of God. They built the wall because they disobeyed God. From then on, Sin became the Wall that separates man from God. Sin is a sin, whether it is a BIG sin or a small sin, sin is a sin in the eyes of God. God hates sin but God loves the sinners. God hates the sin that is within us today but God has never ever hated the creation that he created Himself. God loves us so much that he had to send His only Son Jesus Christ into this world to die for the sins of the people that we may be reconciled by the precious blood of Jesus Christ. By the Lord’s crucifixion on the cross at Calvary, the wall that separates man from God was broken down. Man could now be reconciled to God because of the blood of the unblemished lamb, that is Jesus Christ our Lord.

Dearly beloved, my question to you today is, Are you ready to be reconciled to God today? Are you willing to break down the wall that separates you and your Creator? Are you willing to get back to God with a heart of repentance? Are you willing to break the walls of bitterness, jealously, revenge, immorality, debauchery, wickedness, unholiness, obscenity,impurity, greed, lust, hatred, idolatry, selfish ambitions, envy, drunkenness and many more things that indeed that separates us from God?

Dear friends, Today God is ever willing to take you into His everlasting arms only but if you come before Him with a repentant heart and confess that you are a sinner.In fact all of us are sinners but you must know how to come back to God. Through Jesus Christ all our sins that we have committed, have all been washed away. If indeed only you come before God and ask for forgiveness “God says that he will remember your sins no more even the sins of your youth.” God has never ever asked you for any sacrifices for your sins. God only asked you to offer yourself as a sacrifice unto Him. There is no need of the slaughter of animals blood or to torture yourself to gain forgiveness for your sins. Jesus Christ has already done it for all mankind regardless of their race and religion once and for all.

Dear brothers and sisters, SALVATION is knocking at the door of your Heart today! God has given us a FREEWILL to CHOOSE. It is in your hands today if you want to BREAK the Wall that separates you and God and receive the SALVATION of the LORD as long as it is call TODAY!  Tomorrow is not destined for you and I my friends. Have a Blessed Week Ahead and Stay Blessed always.

God Bless.





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