“Worldly Bread Or The Bread Of Life?”

5 07 2011

Greetings I bring to you my dear friends in the name of Our Lord Jesus Christ Our Redeemer. Dear friends,  looking at today’s topic entitled “Worldly Bread Or The Bread Of Life?” there are many of us who are believers rather would love to choose the Worldly Bread rather than the Bread of Life. Let us take a look at what the word of God has to reveal to us Today concerning the both Bread. Please read on my friends and be blessed.

Dear friends, in today’s present world we see that people are more into for Worldly Bread than for the Bread of Life. Please do not get me wrong my friends! Seeking for Worldly Bread is important but do not be a slave to the worldly bread. Many of us have become slaves to the worldly food that some of us have even health problems due to it. We consume a lot of worldly food everyday and we do not restrict ourselves to it. We eat and eat without stopping. At anytime of the day,we still eat. This things have all brought sicknesses to our earthly bodies.

Dear friends, the Bread of Life is the food that we all need to eat and digest it daily into our lives.  This Bread of Life is spiritual food given by Our Heavenly Father from Heaven. But we being His children have not at all hunger for this food. The word of God is written, “That man shall not live on bread alone but by every word that comes out from the mouth of God.” Yes, my dear friends! The Bread of Life is God’s spiritual word to each and every believer. The more we consume daily the word of God, it will act as a shield to protect us from every sicknesses and infirmities.The Bread of Life will guard us from falling into sin. The Bread of Life will convict us of all our wrongdoing. And it is good to be convicted of our wrongdoing and evil deeds. At least we will be aware of what we are doing and will turn back to God. Not so with the Worldly Bread. The Worldly Bread can go stale but not so the Bread of Life.

Dearly beloveds, let me take you back to the Old Testament times. Let us go to the book of Exodus meaning Journey. Here God instructed Moses to take the Israelites out of slavery when they were in Egypt. The children of Israel were very disobedient and stiff neck people. That is how God addresses them. They were grumbling and murmuring against Moses for bringing them out of Egypt. They accused God, saying that he wanted to kill them in the desert without food. God fed the children of Israel with manna from heaven but these children of Israel were craving for the food that they ate in Egypt. They wanted the worldly food but not the food from heaven. The “manna” is the symbolic food that is the “word of God.”

Dear friends, even Today we are also like the children of Israel. We are rejecting the Bread of Life which in a symbolic meaning is Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ himself declared that “He was the Bread Of Life” from heaven. Jesus told that he came into the world mainly to give each and everyone of us who believe in His Name, LIFE! Friends, today how many of us out there have rejected Our Lord Jesus Christ the Bread of Life out from our daily life? Why are we still lusting after the Worldly Bread that does not ever gives us LIFE? Have we ever sat down and wondered over that, friends? Dear brothers and sisters, it is still never too late to decide what Bread do you want today in your life. The decision that you make TODAY, will decide if you have chosen LIFE or DEATH! Think wisely my friends and have a BLESSED DAY. Jesus Loves You and He will not stop Loving You.

God Bless.





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