“Friends, You Are A New Creation In Christ Jesus!”

6 07 2011

Greetings I bring to you my friends in the name of Our Lord Jesus Christ Our Redeemer. Dear friends, as we look into today’s topic entitled, “You Are A New Creation In Christ Jesus,” how many of us out there are still thinking that you are not worthy to be called a child of God? Do not let others that surrounds you today to tell you that you are such an unworthy and a sinful person. Let us take a look at word does the word of God speaks to us today. Friends, do take time to read the rest of the article and be Blessed, always.

Dear friends, looking at today’s topic, there are many of us out there who think that we are the worst of the lots. It is not so that way. People and the society may cast you away, but God is there to receive you my friends. Many of us today have fallen into sin through ignorance, through weakness and through our own deliberate. We all make mistakes but we should know not to dwell on it but try to come out of it. God always provides a way out for us friends. It is just that we are not paying attention to what God is telling us today. Our ears are so in tuned to the world that we have shut our ears to hear what God is telling us today. Friends, the word of God is written that He condemns no one that comes before him today. If you have truly repented and come before God with a broken spirit and a broken and contrite heart, God forgives you and you become a new creation in Christ Jesus. The old has pass and the new has come. When God forgives you, the word of God is written that “God Remembers your sins no more!”

Dearly beloved friends, “God never ever remembers your sins anymore when you come before Him with a repentant heart. So, who is the one that makes you to feel so guilty about yourself? You feel so condemned and feel that you are not worthy enough to stand before God. God is not at all your accuser but the Devil is. The devil will go all out to make you feel condemned, guilty and you feel so degraded. It is the devil who condemns you and tell all kind of lies to make you believe that you are not worthy to stand before God.  Do you know why he does that? So that you would not go back to God and to stop you from gaining freedom from your sins and to let you know the Truth. It is because , if you come to know the Truth, the Truth will set you Free. When you know the Truth you will know that it was the devil that got you into all the trouble. So friends, do not be deceived at all what people tell to you. They are the agents of the devil to stop you from going back to God.  

Dear friends, God receives anyone regardless of who you are. Come before God just the way you are. Even though you are covered with the filth of the sins of the world. God will give you a clean garment. That is why God sent His only Son Jesus Christ to die for the sins of all mankind regardless of their race and religion. By the blood of Jesus, all our sins has been washed away. The precious blood of Jesus that was shed 2000 years ago,is still fresh and alive. Even today my friends, who ever you may be, if you have fallen into sin come before the Lord Jesus and ask him to wash you. At that very moment you are cleanse of from your sins. Do not care what people say about you. To you what matters most is your relationship with God. At the end of the day, it is only between You and God because He is your Creator. You only have to give an account to God and no one else. No one is going to be accountable for our sins. It is we who are accountable for our own sins.  It is we who are also accountable for our own SALVATION.  So friends, remember that when you are in Christ you are a New Creation. You are a new Being. The old of you has gone. The Choice is still in your hands to decide. Have a Blessed week.

God Bless.





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