“Christ Knows Your Name, Your Need And Your Face”

9 07 2011

Greetings I bring to you my friends in the name of Our Lord Jesus Christ Our Redeemer. Dear friends, as we take a look at today’s topic entitled “Christ Knows Your Name, Your Need And Your Face,” how many of us as children of God has been ignorant on this matter? Let us take a look at what the word of God has to reveal to us today, friends? Please do read on the rest of the article and be blessed always.

Dear friends, looking at the above topic, who knows You and I so well if it is not our Lord Jesus Christ. Today many Christians around the world are really ignorant about this matter. That is why we see many Christians back slide in their faith. It is because they forgot to realize that they are serving a Living God and not a dead God. The gods of this world cannot be compared at all to the Living God that we serve. The gods of this world are only temporary. But the Living god that we serve is for eternal time. He is the Everlasting God for all of our future generation to come. This we have to instill into our children and it has to be passed down to all generation. It is not wealth that we need to pass down on our children, but it is the importance of the knowledge of God that we know that we should pass it down to our children. God has to be made the first priority in our daily walk of life and we are not to compromise our God for anything in this world.The things in this world are only temporary, but the things of God are for eternal purposes.

Dear friends, how well do you know your Creator? Many of us would not know Our Creator that well and that is indeed a sad thing if we are to call ourselves believers. Friends, in the gospel of St Matthew, it is written that even the hairs on our head is numbered. How awesome is it to know that right? The numbers of hair that is on our head is an uncountable noun and it is impossible for any one to count it. That well does Our Lord Jesus knows each and everyone of us. In Psalm 139:2 it is written that, “God knows everything that we do.He knows all the activities of our day and every detail of our schedule.” Wow! Isn’t that great my friends and also alarming! Meaning every activities that we are gong to do today is already in full view of Our Lord Jesus. So a word of caution, whatever you do and are planning to do make sure it is right in the very eyes of God.

Dear friends, we also see in the same chapter in the book of Psalms 139:2 it is written, “God knows everything we think, the good and the bad as well, the wholesome and the impure. Another alarming verse from the written word of God. Our thoughts should be right at all time because God knows our thoughts as well. So if we are thinking to do bad unto others please do be aware that god knows what you are up to. No human can read another persons thought except God alone. So friends, we have to guard our mind because the idle mind is indeed the devils workshop. Everyday surrender your thoughts to God. Daily in your prayers ask God to sanctify your thoughts. Bring every thought under the submission of Our Lord Jesus Christ. Ask God for the mind of Christ that we may think as our Lord Jesus does.

Dearly beloved, we also see in the same chapter in the book of Psalms 139:3 as it is written, “God knows everywhere we go and God comprehends our path and is acquainted with all our ways.” Yet another alarming verse. Everywhere you go you are being watched 24 hours by God. God never ever takes his eyes away from us because we are too precious in the eyes of God. We are indeed the apple of God’s eye and God does not what anything to happen to each of us who are called by his name. God is familiar with all our ways and nothing is ever hidden in his sight. The path that we choose is also in full view of his sight. So friends, always ask the Lord daily to direct your path into the path of righteousness.You can be assured that God will never leave you at all. Is not that a blessed assurance to know that God is always watching over us and nothing bad can happen to us! Rejoice! Because you are in the family of Christ.

Dear friends, and the final verse still in the book of Psalms 139:4, it is written “God knows everything that we say.” Every word that is on our tongue before it comes out, God knows what you are going to say indeed. So be careful of the choices of words that we bring forth. Our words are to be seasoned with salt. Whatever we speak it brings life and death upon us. So friends, let our choices of words bring word of encouragement to others. Let our words bring God’s healing to others. Our words that we speak daily should not kill others but bring life to others. We are the children of Our Father in heaven. Are we not as children of God have the character of God’s nature within us?

Dear friends, before I end my posting for today,let us not at all forget that God knows each and every one of us by our name and face. Which ever corner of the globe we are residing in, we are all in full view of God’s eyes. God knows our everyday needs. Nothing to be afraid of that. God is our Creator and he will richly provide us with our daily needs according to His glorious richness in Heaven. God wants to bless each and everyone of us in abundance. So my friends today, do not think that no one ever cares for you. There is God who cares for you and he can distinguish your cry among the millions around the globe. Have faith in God because you and I are serving a Living God, who sees, hears and answers us in His time. Have a truly Blessed week my friends.

God Bless.





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