“Are We Connected To God Or Are We Connected To The World?”

10 07 2011

Greetings I bring to you my dear friends in the name of Our Lord Jesus Christ Our Redeemer.Dear friends, in today’s posting we are going to see whether “We Are Connected To God Or Are We Connected To The World?” Many of us who are called Christians sometime do wonder if we are  really connected to God or to the World. I am not judging anyone but it is good to know at times with whom we are really connected to. Please read on the rest of the article my friends and do Stay Blessed always.

Dear friends, looking at the topic above one more time, does it ever strike any of us at times to question ourselves, if we are connected to God more or connected to the World more. In today’s fast moving pace, we see that majority of us regardless from what background we come from we are all moving ahead to get more connected to the World than to God. We see that the World has so much to offer us rather than what God has to offer us. For the majority of us worldly things have taken priority in our lives. Things that matters with God has become secondary things in our life. The majority of us rather be in the world rather than being in God. Yes, indeed friends! The things of this world gives us pleasure and wealth and richness but does it grant you SALVATION, PEACE and ETERNAL LIFE? These are the three things that the World 100% can never give us. But being connected with God through Our Lord Jesus Christ I bravely and without a doubt can say that only being connected with God we will get SALVATION, PEACE and ETERNAL LIFE. No other religion can ever offer you this PACKAGE my friends.

By the way my dear friends, I am in no way asking anyone to convert into Christianity. Conversion is the work of the Holy Spirit. I am only a vessel in God’s hand to bring forth his word and promises to the nations around the globe. Friends, if you are not a Christian, do not convert because you are told by your friends to convert or because you love the girl you want to get married to. Conversion will only take place when you know and love and acknowledge the true Living God. The God that created you and I. Not the gods that are created by the hands of men.God is God and he cannot be created by the hands of men who have used tools to fashioned their gods. Man is also another created being by God. He also is but another Creation of God. At times we are so spiritually blinded not to know the truth.

Dear friends, going back to the topic of getting connected to God and to the world, let us ask ourselves today, if we are in church today? If you are in church today then it is good. But if you are not in church today, where are you at the moment? Are you at places you are not suppose to be at this time. Friends, many of us would rather trade or compromise God’s matter for worldly matters. We always take God for granted. We always give first priority and first preference to the world rather then to God. We can spend hours sending messages on our mobile phones and this you see friends are happening during church services. Not only the teenagers but the adults too. They never give ear when the message of God is being preached. Here too we see which has taken more priority. There are some of us who spend so much time on this thing that we call FACEBOOK. We can spend hours and hours on it. Do not be surprise that even church pastors spend so much time on the FACEBOOK. The amount of time spent on the FACEBOOK can be used to prepare God’s messages. I am sorry again, but I am not offending any pastors. There are some pastors when they come to preach the word of God to the people, people sleep in the church. There are many pastors that I know who really come with powerful impact messages that they want to deliver to the congregation. These pastors really get themselves prepared by the anointing of God.

Dear friends,let not the worldly things of this world divert your priority to God. God has be the first thing in your life above everything else. Above everything, we became the first priority to God that is why he sent His Only Son Jesus Christ to die for us on the cross for our sins, right? Through his Son our Lord Jesus Christ we get SALVATION FREE OF CHARGE. You do not have to pay a single cent to buy SALVATION. It has been PAID IN FULL. We are guaranteed PEACE. The PEACE that this World can never ever give you and I, God gives it to us. WE have ETERNAL LIFE.  Even this the World is not able to give us. The World only give us worldly pleasures that will only lead to DEATH, believe me my friends. Friends today, sit down and consider how many things in this world that you are so into it that it disconnects you from God. God has become the secondary subject in your life. Your family, your finance, your assets, your friends, your business dealings and all the wealth of this world, has it all become the first priority in your life? If so then it really shows that you are more connected to the World than to GOD.

Dearly beloved friends, I will leave you with this word of God written in the gospel of St Matthew 6:33 as it is written “But seek first God’s kingdom and His righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.” God says “all these” things and not “this” meaning singular. God wants to bless us all with every good things from heaven above only if Our priority is GOD First and all the worldly things in this world becomes Secondary. Friends, the choice is still in your hands. God gives us a FREEWILL to choose. God never ever forces us into anything. “What you Sow that Is What You Will Reap.” Have a Blessed Week ahead.

God Bless.





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