“Do We Need GOD In This ERA?”

12 07 2011

Greetings I bring to you my dear friends in the name of Our Lord Jesus Christ Our Redeemer. Dear friends looking at the above title entitled, “Do We Need GOD In This ERA,” this is something most of us who are called believers need to ponder on. Let us read the rest of the article to see if there is a need of God to intervene in our daily life. Please do read the rest of the article and be blessed my friends.

Dearly beloved, there are many of us today feel that we do not need God to intervene in our daily life and routine. We  want to take control of all the things that we do. We really do not want God at all to intervene in our daily life. There are many of us out there who thinks that they have made it big in their business and that they are self made billionaires or millionaires all because of their own effort. In fact they got it all wrong. They totally forgot that it was God who gave them the wisdom, desire and most of all good health to get what they want. In which area of life we are friends, we do need God in everything that we do. Why is that so? You may ask me. It is because He is Our Creator and only God knows everything about you and I. Don’t you think so, my friends? Our life itself is in His hands. Our future itself is also in God’s hand. So, don’t you think that we all need God in our daily life and in this era? Today, many are thinking that God does not exist. if God does not exist, who gave you the breath of life? The life that you are having now belongs to God only.

Dear friends, do you know why we need God every time? Whatever you do commit yourself to God. Commit your work to God. Commit your family and children to God. Commit your relationship to God. Commit your health to God. Commit your business to God. Commit whatever concerning yourself to God. Just tell God that He is in control of your life and everything in it together. Do you know, how happy God will be? Many of us who are believers have totally forgotten to involve God into our daily affairs. Do you know how sad you make God feel, my friends?  In whatever you do acknowledge God. It may even be the smallest things in your life. Even the smallest things in your life will turn out to be big great things if you allow God to intervene in your daily life. This is the SECRET that many of us who are believers tend look over.

Dearly beloved friends, at times when things do not seem to go your way, have you ever asked yourself why? the reason is because we do not want to include God in whatever we do. People may tell you to invest  money into big projects. If we do not put this things into prayer first before God, we are putting ourselves into big problems that we are going to face. Whatever you want to do, practice to put God first into all things. God will direct our path. God will bless all the works of our hands. That is what is written in the BIBLE. If we keep God always out of our life we are bringing danger into our life. It is good to acknowledge God in all situations and circumstances. With God daily in our life we can never ever go wrong my friends. We as believers have to set a good example to others around us. One simple example, is to give grace for food whenever we are gathered to have our meals. This will show that we thank God for providing us with our daily meal. Remember God is the “Unseen Guest” at every meal. He is an ever Present God who will be with us at all times if we acknowledge him in our lives.

Dear friends, “Do We Need God In This ERA?” The answer is definitely, YES! If we are not going to need God in this Era, who are we going to need in our life? You only have two options, that is man and the devil. Man cannot do much for you because man is indeed another creation of God. The devil, Yes! He can get you into all the troubles you have not got into before. So the only answer is that we all do need God in our daily life and we need God to intervene into EVERYTHING that concerns us as a child of God. Only when we acknowledge God then only God will acknowledge us friends. Have a Blessed day and Stay Blessed Always.

God Bless.






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