“Are We The Light Of The World That Bring’s Light To Others?”

16 07 2011

Greetings I bring to you my friends in the name of Our Lord Jesus Christ Our Redeemer. Dear friends as we take a look at today’s topic above, how many of us as believers today are Being the Light of the world to bring the Light to others surrounding us. Why is it important that we be the Light of The World? Please do read the rest of the article and be blessed my friends.

Dearly beloved friends, today around the world what would you do if today there is total darkness around the globe? The world will definitely be in a terrible situation. Light is Important and we need that LIGHT.As it is written in the Old Testament in the book of Genesis chapter 1:1-3 “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. Now the earth was formless and empty, darkness was over the surface of the deep, and the Spirit of God was hovering over the waters.And God said, Let there be Light and there was Light. God saw that the Light was good.” Yes, my friends in the beginning itself God said that the Light was good because it was in total darkness.Just imagine friends, the whole world without Light.

Dear friends, in the written word of God it is said that we as believers should be the Light of the world. In the book of the Prophet Isaiah, it is written that the “People walking in the darkness, have seen a great Light.” Friends we are not living alone in this world. There are many people of different race, religion and culture that are living in the midst of us.  In the midst of all these people in our surrounding, are we bringing the Light of Jesus Christ to all those people around us? Or are we, rather let them walk in the dark and stumble along the path of darkness. Jesus Christ, the Light of this world stepped into darkness for all mankind, so that they will not walk on the path of sin.That is why our Savior came down to this earth. To bring the Light into the dark, dark world under the bondage of the devil.

Dear friends, do you know that you and I are the Light of this world too. But sad to say that some of us who are believers have denied the Light of Christ that is within us. We rather follow the pleasures of the  world to live in total darkness. We who are the Light of this present world has not brought out the Light of Jesus Christ to those around us. Some of us who are believers are so afraid to bring the Light of Christ to the people. Some of them say that they may lose their friends if they are going to bring the Light of Jesus Christ to their friends. So what about it? It is better to lose them by sharing the light with them rather than letting them to fall into the trap of Satan and losing that soul for Christ. Remember friends, even one soul matters to God.

Dear friends, do not be a Light that is hidden. You have a purpose in bringing the Light to others around you. Be it your family or your friends. Remember, that the Light will always bring out what is hidden in the dark. We cannot go on hiding things in the dark. There are so many things that we have lost along the way, because we chose rather to be the darkness instead of the Light. We cannot hide the Light and it is impossible. Friends, today the decision is again in your hands. Whether You are the Light that brings Light to the people walking in darkness and saving them or are you just the Light that has no brightness at all. The Light that you have, has it been drowned by the worlds darkness that the Light has no more effect on those around us. Friends, there are many people out there living in total darkness. They need to see the Light to keep them from all wrong doing. Carry the Light of Jesus Christ with you Today and save at least one soul my friends. Have a Blessed Weekend.

God Bless.





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