“To Be Set Free, You Only Have To Believe”

17 07 2011

Greetings I bring to you my dear friends in the name of Our Lord Jesus Christ Our Redeemer. Dear friends, as we take a look at the above topic entitled, “To Be Set Free, You Only Have To Believe,” there are many of us who are believers as we call ourselves to be, find it so hard and difficult to Believe in something that will guarantee you a Freedom from all those situations and circumstances that you are in Today. Let us take a look why we need to Believe in this person that we call GOD. Please do read the rest of the articles and be blessed and always stay blessed. You are a Blessing to the needy world around the globe.

Dearly beloved friends, in today’s current situation, who ever we may be and from what background we come from, we are always ever ready to believe in EVERYTHING. Here as believers in our Lord Jesus Christ, there are many of us who are believers still find it very hard to put our Trust in God. We can put our trust and believe in anything, but when it comes to God there are in fact some of us will still have this doubt, if God can really intervene and free us from all the problems that we are going through. Friends, one thing we all have to understand is that in whatever situation we are in Today, it is we who had brought it upon ourselves. Have we ever question ourselves why? We cannot blame God at all in whatever situation You and I are in today. God did give us all a freewill of choice to choose, but we being foolish have chosen the things that have put us in the situation that we are in today. So, who is to be blame?

Dear friends, we have to understand that no one is perfect but only God. We are all humans and we do all have our own very weaknesses that varies from one and another. It is because of our own weaknesses we have brought all kinds of trouble upon ourselves. Do not think that no one has problems. From the poorest to the richest they do all have their own problems. But how we handle our problems and get free out of it depends on how we put our TRUST and BELIEVE in Our Lord Jesus Christ. We cannot be free from our problems if we do not Believe in Our Lord Jesus Christ. There are many who are struggling and finding ways to get out of the trouble that they are in Today! They are still depending on their own flesh to do things, and still they are not set free from their problems. Some are willing to put their Trust and Believe in man but they will feel so reluctant to put their trust in Our Lord Jesus Christ. Have we as believers, question ourselves, Why?

Dear friends, do you not think that at this very moment God can set you free from all your problems that you are facing Today? Be whatever problems that you are facing, whether its your family relationship, financial situation, your children, your business, your career, your health and whatever concerns you Today! God knows EVERYTHING about You and I and nothing is ABSOLUTELY hidden from his sight. God sees straight into your hearts and minds. That is God. Man cannot do it. That is why we should BELIEVE in God. God cares for each and everyone one of us.That is why God sent His only Son Jesus Christ to the world. Jesus Christ became our sin bearer, our deliverer, our provider, our redeemer, our healer, our peace, our protector and one who carries our daily burdens. Yet, we still find it hard to BELIEVE in our Lord Jesus!

Dearly beloved friends, around the globe! Today we can be set free from all our problems if this very minute you put your TRUST and BELIEVE in God. God will surely deliver you from all and not some of your problems. Today, I challenge you my friends, are you willing to put your Trust and Believe in God? Do you want to BREAK FREE from all the things that you are under going Today? All you have to do is call upon the name of the Lord Jesus Christ and BELIEVE and TRUST that you will be set free today from all the bondage physically and spiritually that you are trapped in Today. Friends, the CHOICE is still in your hands Today. It is You who will bring the destiny and Freedom upon yourself whether you want to be FREE or still be trapped under the bondage of the evil one. Act TODAY, because TOMORROW is not destined for You and I. Have a Blessed Week ahead and Stay Blessed Always.

God Bless.




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