“God Has Never Ever Abandon Anyone Of Us”

18 07 2011

Greetings I bring to you my dear friends in the name of Our Lord Jesus Christ Our Redeemer. Dear friends, as we take a look at the above topic entitled, “God Has Never Abandon Anyone Of Us,” it is true that God has never ever abandon any one of us regardless of who we are despite of of difference in race and religion. In his eyes, each child that is on this planet earth Today, including You and I friends, are God’s children. It is only we who had in fact abandon and kept God the Father away from us.Please do take time to read the rest of the article and be blessed.

Dearly beloved friends,today how many of us are still blaming and murmuring against God saying that God has abandon us. Has God really abandon us as we accuse God to be? Is it not we who have kept God away from our lives? Was it not our sins that separated us from God? Was it not our unbelieving FAITH that kept us away from God? Was it not our stubborn nature not to trust God? Was it not the barrier that we created to be away from God? THEN WHY BLAME GOD? It is we who are to be blame that God is so far away from us, That is what we feel but the fact is, God is still near to each and everyone of us who are here TODAY!

Dear friends, how many of us today are left in situations and circumstances, that we continue to confess and still remind ourselves that God has indeed abandon us. Times, when we lose our loved ones, do we feel abandoned? Many of us may be powerful Christians in our daily walk of life. But when something really hits hard against us, like our loved ones being departed from us, where do we stand? Are we going to blame God for taking our loved ones away? Friends, we all got to remember that even though we love our loved ones so much, do you not think that God loves them much more than we do? God created every child. Everyone of us are put on this earth for reasons. God has his reasons for putting us on this earth and also he has his reasons for taking them back home eternally. This we all have got to really understand. The testing of our FAITH in Our Living God, begins here! Are we going to carry on with our lives with God leading us or are we going to breakdown and go into depression and let the devil take control of our situation? We are not suppose to give the devil any foothold against us.

Dear friends, we may even feel that God has abandon us when our business fail or when our health is affected. We even blame God for all the shortcomings in our life. When our marriages fail, we too blame God for that. We humans are just like the Israelites always grumbling and murmuring against God. Remember when things do not exactly work out the way we want it to be and when we get our lives all messed up, again we tend to blame God saying that God has abandon us. Friends, as we take a look at all the scriptures there is not one word that says God has abandon his people. What we see and read and as it is written, the word of God only gives blessed assurance and God’s promises to His people.God promises his people that He will never leave them nor forsake them. He will be with them till the end of time. He will be our refuge and our strength. He will be our Comforter and Peace. God says to be Still and know that He is God.

Dearly beloved, before I end my article, let us not be ignorant to ever think that God will ever abandon us in any situation or circumstances. God is our Creator and he knows each and every one of us so well. It is we as I mentioned earlier, that have distant and separated ourselves from God. Today my friends, whatever situation you are in Today, call upon the Lord and he will surely answer you from his holy mountain. If you got the time to call upon God today he has the Time to listen to what you have to say and he will answer you. Friends, as you have read my article, Today all your sorrows will turn into joy. You will see that God will make a way for you when there seems to be no way. He made a way for the children of Israel by parting the Red Sea. God will do it for you too. Only believe and trust and have Faith in the Living God. He is the same God, YESTERDAY, TODAY and FOREVER. The choice is still in your hands today my friends. GOD Will Never Ever Abandon His Children. Stay blessed and Be Blessed.

God Bless.




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