“I Will Be With You Till The End Of Time”

19 07 2011

Greetings I bring to you my dear friends in the name of Our Lord Jesus Christ our Redeemer. Dear friends, looking at the above topic entitled “I Will Be With You Till The End Of Time,” do strike our minds at times. Frankly and sincerely my friends, how many of us can tell this to our family and friends. Are we brave enough to tell anyone especially those who are so close to us that we are able to be with them till the end of time? Read on friends the rest of the article and be blessed.

Dearly beloved friends, looking again at the above topic, how guaranteed are we that we can be with our loved ones till the end of time? In fact many of us do like to use the above sentence to our dear ones. Just recall back my friends, those you have heard using this phrase and then you see that they are no more around for life. Don’t you ever feel discouraged and abandon by these people who assures you that they will always be with you till the end of time!  Friends, our hope is not in mere human beings but only in God. Only in God do we have the blessed assurance that he will be with us till the end of time when everything that we have is gone. “When there is nothing left but God that is when you will find that God is all you need.”

Dear friends, today how many of us are telling to our loved ones that “We will be with them till the end of time?” Are we telling that to our husbands, wives and children? The more we are telling them that, the less they will rely and depend on God. Many people today are making that great massive mistake. Do you know why my friends? Because one fine day when God calls back home His children that he loves, be it your parents, your spouses or your children and your siblings, don’t you ever feel that everything is gone in your life? You say that the world is so cruel towards you, when God calls back his children home. In fact as believers  we are to rejoice and not to be sad and blame God for taking our loved ones away. This shows that we love our parents, our spouse and our children more than God? That is why there are some believers out there who still cannot carry on with their life.

Dear friends, we are to be different from others because we are believers. Do not be like those who do not have hope.  When a believer is asleep in our Lord Jesus Christ, there is this thing that we call “resurrection” right? Then why are we behaving like those who do not have hope. Remember that we are serving a “Resurrected Lord!”  Those who are asleep in Christ Jesus will have eternal life as it is written in the gospel of St John that, “He who believes in me, though he is dead will have eternal life.” Are we still in doubt of the written word of God? Then what are we preaching as believers?

Dear friends, you may say that I would not know the feelings and sadness of those we love that have gone before us. Friends, I am writing from my very own experience. I have lost both my parents and only two years back I lost my husband. Yes, these people were all so dear to me and I do love them very much but not more than God. To me, is to love God first than only the rest. I have personally told this to my late husband that we both have to love God first and then only it is the both of us. Till today, I keep reminding my two kids that they are to love God more than me. The reason, when God calls me anytime, I will not be there for them till the end of time. The only person they have to hold on to is only God and only God because God is the only one that will be with them till the end of time. And I even told my kids, that this is what they have to pass down to their kids, “To only depend on God only and hold on to Him for Life.”

Dearly beloved friends, many of us would have lost our dear ones. Is this going to stop you from going on with your life? Are you going to sit down feeling depressed and stress out yourself? Is this going to help you?   Getting worried and being under stress shows your lack of FAITH in the Living God that you are serving. Till today I thank God for being my tower of Strength and Refuge. He is my Peace and Comforter. No situation or circumstances will ever stop me from serving my living God. My husband passed away on a Saturday and the burial was the next day on Sunday. The following Sunday was my sons confirmation and we did attend church. The following Sunday I took over the Praise and Worship session. God gave me His grace and he led me through the worship. What a joy I had in that!  God’s grace was sufficient for me and till today me and my kids are living under the Grace of God Almighty. God made me into a strong woman in all areas of my life.

Dearly beloved friends, do I need to tell you more then this? Hold on to God. He is all you ever need when the people that you love is not with you anymore. Hold on to God in EVERYTHING and you will not be DISAPPOINTED! AS God said to Joshua in the book of Joshua 1:5 as it is written, “As I was with Moses, so I will be with you; I will never leave you nor forsake you.” And it is for you too my dear friends. Be blessed and Stay blessed always.

God Bless.





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