“Are We Falling Into The Devil’s Trap?”

24 07 2011

Greetings I bring to you my dear friends in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ Our Redeemer. Dear friends, as we take a look at today’s posting entitled “Are We Falling Into The Devil’s Trap?” it is indeed a serious call to all believers that we have to stand guard against falling into the trap the devil has laid for the children of God. Friends, do read the rest of the article and be blessed.

Dearly beloved friends, how many of us believers are being ignorant that  we are not aware of the trap the devil has laid before us. Friends, we as children of God ought to be always cautious about what is happening to us. At times we take things for granted. We as believers may think that nothing can ever happen to us just because we are called Christians by name. We tend to take the matters of God in our life so easy. We do not even want to thank the Lord for all the things that he has done for us. we do not even have time even for 10 minutes to spare for the Lord. We do not cover ourselves by the blood of Jesus Christ each time we go out of the house. We do not want to protect ourselves against every harm that is out there during the day and night. But remember friends, when we do not do all these, we are in fact opening the doors for the devil to come into our lives. We are walking straight into the “devil’s trap.” You and I may not know it my friends, that daily there is a trap laid for us by the devil.

Dear friends, do you know that many believers today have fallen into the devils trap. Are we really aware of what the devil is doing to each and everyone of us? We as believers, as I said always take things for granted. Some of us as believers are feeling so difficult to even carry the word of God that is the BIBLE in our hands! We even feel so hard even to say a small grace when we are having our food outside and even at home. Why is that so? Have we ever asked ourselves this? Friends, the more we stay away from God remember we get disconnected from Him. And when we get disconnected from God, the devil comes in and will make a mess out of your life. It is just that we cannot see what is really happening in the spiritual realm. The devil knows how connected or disconnected  is our relationship with God.

Dear friends, we are to be aware that the devil is a very cunning being and he likes to lie. That is why the devil is called the father of lies. He is a destroyer. He will destroy your life and drag you into hell. The devil needs more people there in hell. Do not ever be ignorant that there is no such place called as hell. If there is a place called Heaven then mind you my friends there is also a place call Hell.  daily there are many temptations out there in this world. Temptation is something that people can never resist. Temptation calls us to taste her. At the beginning it is indeed sweet but it will drag you into the hell of darkness. That is why we are to daily have God leading us in His path of righteousness. How do you think we can keep ourselves holy in this world of sin my friends? It is only by meditating on the word of God that can keep us from all these things. It is never, never easy to resist the temptation the world has to offer. The only thing that we as believers can ever do is to “Resist the devil and flee from him.”

Dear friends, there are many believers and servants of God who have fallen into the devil’s trap. If the devil can trap the pastors what about people like us. The pastors that bring the word of God to the people can fall into the devil’s trap, then it is indeed a warning to us who are just believers. It is not just attending Sunday service in church and the rest of the six days we get disconnected from God. Friends, today how many of us are having a really good relationship with God? Are we talking to God everyday in our life? Is God walking with us daily in our life? Friends, whatever we do in thought, word and deeds at the end of each day it is you and God. Before we retire to bed, have we ever recall the things that we have done today? Have we recalled how God saved us from dangerous situations throughout the day?  Day in and day out we hear of terrible things happening around the world.

Dearly beloved friends, have you gone into the word of God today, for at least 10 minutes? Does the written word of God reminds you and convicts you of the things that you are not suppose to do but you have done it? It is indeed really good to be convicted by the word of God and the Holy Spirit. At least there is a warning sign for us to take a few step backwards so that we do not head straight into the devil’s trap. Thank God for that my friends. It will indeed save our souls from the burning fire in hell. As I use to say always, the CHOICE is still in your hands my friends. You have to decide your destiny. You have to decide who you want, God or the Devil? The CHOICE is yours. Have a Blessed Day and Stay Blessed Always.

God Bless.





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