“Are Our Situations Worse Than Job’s?”

25 07 2011

Greetings I bring to you my dear friends in the name of Our Lord Jesus Christ Our Redeemer. Dear friends, as we go into today’s topic entitled, “Are Our Situations Worse Than Job’s?” let us pay a careful thought on this. The book of Job is a wonderful book that will indeed encourage each and every one of us. It solely speaks about Job’s FAITHFULNESS towards God. Please do read on the rest of the article and be blessed my friends.

Dear friends, today we will look into a very faithful person by the name of Job. In the book of Job, we see that Job was indeed a righteous man who was very rich. Even after losing everything he owned and suffering from a terrible sickness, Job still confessed his trust in God. Job even lost all his ten children in one go, seven sons and three daughters. What in fact made Job still to put his Trust in God when everything that he owned and had was just stripped off from him. It is quite amazing to see that there was indeed such a man by the name of Job who trusted God with all his heart and mind.

Dear friends, today as believers and children of the living God, can we still find people who will be like Job who has lost everything and yet they still can stand boldly and be faithful to God and not deny God! Many of us today have indeed not been in a situation as Job was in. Has any one of us lost our job, wealth, health, wife and children in one go? I bet you my friends, none of us in this era have gone through what Job has undergone. Take a minute friends, and consider the situation that you are in today? Looking at your situation have you lost your faith in God? Have you blamed God for the situation that you are in today? Have you denied His existence as the God Almighty? Are you still murmuring against God because of the situation that you are left in? Are you discouraged looking at your situation? Are you planning to do something foolish like attempting suicide or taking drugs to ease yourself from the problems that you are undergoing at the moment?

Dearly beloved friends, looking at all those things that I have mentioned above, have you ever stopped and ask yourself if your situation is ever worse than Job’s? Friends, to Job all the materialistic things and wealth does not matter much to him. To Job, what matters was only God. His faithfulness towards God remains till the end. To Job all things come from God and when God removes all these things from his life it did not matter much to him. As Job quoted, “naked we come into the world naked shall we leave this world.” Job has put God first in his life. Job gave God the first priority in everything that he did. Job never ever cursed God, even though his wife told him to do so. Just curse God and die. His wife and friends could not see how Job was suffering. Imagine a man who was richly blessed in all areas of his life is now down with nothing.

Dear friends, comparing our current situation with Job’s, is our situation worse than Job’s? Definitely “No” my friends. So, why do we at times cannot remain faithful to God? We get discouraged and feel that God has abandon us. Because of Job’s faithfulness and trust towards God, Job was blessed in double portions by God his Provider. Friends, even today, if you have lost so many things in life believe that God will restore everything that you have lost. Please, do not ask me if God will bring back the person that we love so much who has been called back home. We have to remember that earth is never ever our permanent home. Those who have been called by the Lord will definitely would not want to come back. The written word of God says, that there will be no more pain, sicknesses, infirmities, diseases, famine, war and much more. God says that he will wipe away every tears from his people. There will be a bountiful banquet in heaven. Do you think that those who have gone to meet the Lord would want to come back? I myself would not want to come back when I am at my Father’s Mansion.  So friends, in whatever situation that you are in today always be faithful and be strong to trust the Lord in all your situations. God will never let His children fall. God carries each and everyone of us like a child in His palms. So friends remember, you are never in a situation that was ever worse than Job’s. Have a Blessed Day and Stay blessed always.

God Bless.





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