“When You Are Let Down By Others, Look Above You!”

31 07 2011

Greetings I bring to you my dear friends in the name of Our Lord Jesus Christ Our Redeemer. Dear friends, as we go into today’s topic entitled as above, there are many of us who are believers who are in that situation. It is never easy at all. There is hurt, bitterness, brokenness, crushed in spirit, denial, betrayal and everything that will destroy a believer’s faith in God. Friends, do continue to read on the rest of the article and be blessed.

Dearly beloved friends, looking at the above title again, we have all been let down by others in some way or another. It can come from your loved ones such as those from our own family, our friends,our spouses or even our spiritual family at church. It hurts till the maximum when you have been faithful at all times and one fine day you are being let down by others. You have least expected it to come upon yourself. At times it comes as a shock to you when you feel you have been back stabbed from behind from the person you least expected it to be. Like many believers out there I am one of those who always keep on getting hurt by others every time. At times, I keep thinking, where have I gone wrong, that I always get hurt. I am a person who do not like to hurt others but why does the hurt always keep coming back upon me? I never like to let people down, but I do get let down by the people I love. Strange, isn’t it! There are many of you out there my friends that are in my shoes today.

Dear friends, if we are being let down by our family, spouses or friends, somehow we will be able to get back in tact with them. I am not telling that we will not feel the hurt, bitterness, denial, rejection and  brokenness. We will feel it. But what destroys a believers spirit is when it comes from the spiritual family that is the pastor and the church members. You feel that you are shattered into pieces, if you are the ones like King David who is a child after God’s heart. Everything that matters to you is God. God’s matter, matters the most to you. Your thirst and hunger for God is destroyed when people crush you in the spirit. You would not believe it my friends, a pastor once used the pulpit to fire me. You know, how broken and crushed in spirit I was? Only God knows my friends. It stopped me from attending church for almost a month because I had to see the pastors face every week.I was really crushed in my spirit. Then, I realized that it is the work of the devil that is stopping me from attending church. When we are disconnected from church, Satan has control over our life. Our spirit, soul and body will be weak. We will soon fall into Satan’s trap if we are ignorant that this is all his doing.

Dearly beloved, if today you are the ones that have been so faithfully serving God in small things and you have been rejected in church, keep on serving the Lord. Man does not see the little things that you do. Man do not see the storms that you were in when your church is hit by a crisis. Man does not see the fervent prayers that you made on your knees for a broken church. Man does not see the tears that you shed for the church when the church was broken down. It is easy to plant a church but it is never easy to rebuild a broken church. Friends, only God sees our heart. No man what so ever position they hold in church or how anointed they maybe they will never be able to see the sacrifices that you have made. Friends, if you are in the same position as how I am today, do not let it stop you from going to church. It is not going to be easy, cause you will breakdown. Go for God and not for the people. When you are let down, look up! God is there watching over you. You will find peace  in Him alone. Spend quiet moments with the Lord when you are deeply hurt. Cry unto him with all your heart. He died for our tears. You are never alone when you are let down by people. God is there to comfort us my friends. Be blessed and Stay blessed always.

God Bless.





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