“Read The Written Word Of God To Obey It Rather Than To Quote It”

3 08 2011

Greetings I bring to you my dear friends in the name of Our Lord Jesus Christ Our Redeemer. Dear friends, as we go into today’s posting, we as believers in Christ Jesus ought to know that it is really important to read the written word of God daily. It is in fact compulsory for each believer to spend time reading the written word of God. Please do read on the rest of the article and be blessed my friends.

Dearly beloved friends, as believers and children of God, we ought to read the word of God daily in our life. It is for our spiritual daily growth. Many a times there are believers who read the written word of God to quote it to others. We do see at times that there are believers who know the word of God so well that it is at their fingertips. In fact to say, I am not suppose to utter this but I do at times envy people who can just get the word of God at their fingertips. But sad to say that these believers only read the written word of God only to use it to quote to others. They do not use it for themselves. They do not practice what they preach.  They are so proud that they know the written word of God at the tip of their fingers but it is in fact really not written in their hearts and mind. The commandments and laws of God are far away from their daily life. These type of people can really never stand when the storms of life hit into their lives. They will fall because the word of God is not rooted in their minds and hearts.

Dear friends, please do not get me wrong.I am not telling that you cannot use the written word of God to quote to others but that the word of God must be genuinely rooted deep within us. In any trials, persecution, turmoils or problems we as believers of Christ Jesus must stand on the word of God at all times in any situations or circumstances. Let us not only preach unto others but we should rather obey the word of God and apply it into our daily walk of life. Whether our daily walk of life is on a smooth path or on a rocky path. That is where the testing of our Faith in the written word of God is experienced.

Dearly beloved friends, let me share this story of two young widows whose husbands were called back to their eternal home. One was a rich widow and the other a poor widow. Both widows were god fearing women. Both were closely attached to their own church and did a lot of things for the church. They were active women in their church. When their husbands were called home, the poor widow was left with nothing to defend herself as a single mother. The rich widow was left with a lot of things that will sustain her through her life. The poor widow had only her God to provide her and sustain her through the rough journey of life.The written word of God became even more alive in the life of the poor widow.The poor widow kept on going to church knowing that her DEFENDER is her Living God.  The rich widow, nevertheless,with everything that she had, became weak in the spirit. She was so alive in the spirit when her husband was alive, but when God called her husband home, everything in her life crashed and tumbled down despite her husband has left her with resources which she could depend and sustain on. But still her faith was shaken. She has stopped going to church for a period of time. Friends, we see here two types of widows. A rich widow and a poor widow. These are the times when we can see how obediently we stand on the written word of God. Each one of us will go through situations like this in our life time.

Dear friends,we may have the written word of God at our fingertips when everything is alright with us. What happens when the storms hit into our lives unexpectedly? The storms can hit every area of our life such as sickness, financial constraint, broken relationships, down fall in our business or even a death of a loved one in the family? Will the written word of God at that time be still within us to comfort us or are we just going to collapse into depression? Will the written word of God be still alive within us when the storms of life hit us? Where do we stand today my friends? Do read the written word of God to obey it and not to use it to be quoted for others to show them how well the word of God is at your finger tips but you cannot sustain it when the storms of life hit into your life. Till today, the poor widow who lost her husband is still strong in the Lord and in His word. God has become her Defender and her Provider. Till today this widow still waits upon the Lord. Nothing will ever stop this widow from worshiping her God. No situations or circumstances will ever stop her. Till her very last breath she will still live under the grace of God because she knows who her God is and that she is serving a living God.This is a true account of that widow.That widow is no other then me, my friends.I am a rich widow with the heavenly blessings of God upon me. Be blessed and Stay Blessed always.

God Bless.





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