“Friends, Have You Given Up On God Today?”

7 08 2011

Greetings I bring to you my friends in the name of Our Lord Jesus Christ Our Redeemer. Dear friends, as we go into today’s posting entitled, “Friends, Have You Given Up On God Today?” it is really important to see whether if we had Given Up On God Today? Please do read the rest of the article and be saved from the trap that the devil has set for the children of God. Please do not skip away from this article and be blessed.

Dearly beloved friends in Christ Jesus Our Lord! Today there are many of us who are believers have in fact has come to a point in our life where we tell our families or friends that “We have given up on God, Today!” Many believers today have back slide in their faith. The reason to this is because they say that why are they still suffering in their daily walk of life. Things do not seem to go in their way. Their plans do not work out as they have planned. Their business fail. They have lost their loved ones. They are in bad shape of health. They are in broken relationships. They are in a terrible financial constraint. Friends, are these the things that you are facing today that makes you want to give up on God today?

Dear friends, the things that we are facing today, does it not comes from our own consequences? Are we not the ones that created all these situations upon ourselves?It is we who have not brought in God into our daily walk of life. It is we who have not fit ourselves into the plans God has for each and everyone of us. It is we who have not included God into all our business.It is we who have not made God the Head in our household. It is we who have not brought God into our relationships. It is we who have not brought God into our marriage. It is we who destroyed our own health by our own lifestyle. It is we who have not brought our finances before god to ask him to grant us the wisdom to manage the money. So, friends as you can see, it is from all that we do that we are facing the consequences. The written word of God is so true as it is written, “What you sow that is what you reap!”

Dearly beloved friends, if you are in the verge of Giving Up On God Today, please do reconsider the decision you are about to make. It could save you from the trap the devil has already set for you in advance! You have to be very cautious in whatever decision you are about to make any minute from now. God Our Father has never ever given up on His children. No, never ever will God do that to His children that he has called by name. In whatever situation that you are in today my friends, please do STOP and THINK! Do not hastily go and serve the gods of this world that has no life. You will only be drowning even more deeper into your problems. Yes, everything will look fine as if your situation is all calm and alright if you are going and serving other gods that are not gods at all. There is No God Besides Our God. In quietness and in rest you will find joy and strength in our God. God will walk with you through your times of trials. If you are tired  or weary walking in your troubles, God will carry you through in His everlasting arms my friends. God has never given up on us at all. God did not even with hold back His only Son Our Lord Jesus Christ but sent Him into this world to be with us till the end of time. God will never ever forsake you in times of your trouble. God knows how much you can take in this life. God is there daily for us everyday to see us through the day.

Dear friends,remember Job, he has never ever given up on God. Job’s life was much more worst than what you are undergoing. Even his wife told him to curse God and die, but Job had faith in God and never did he ever gave up on his God. God blessed Job twice as much more than the first time. The God of Job is still in the midst of us. Friends, do not get cheated or deceived by the devil. The devil will tell you all the lies for he is a liar and he wants to destroy every children of God to the bottom rock. Be aware of his evil plans against you. If you are going to give up on God today, who are you going to put your trust on? Be wise my friends, because the devil is out there like a roaring lion waiting to devour the children of God who are weak in their spirit. Do consider about the life decision you are going to take today! Be Blessed and Stay Blessed Always.

God Bless.





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