“What Is Our Purpose Here On This Earth?”

8 08 2011

Greetings I bring to you my dear friends in the name of Our Lord Jesus Christ Our Redeemer. Dear friends, as we go to today’s posting entitled, “What Is Our Purpose Here On This Earth Today?” seems to be out of the focus of some believers and mankind too. Friends, please do read on the rest of the article and be a blessing to others and as well stay blessed too.

Dearly beloved friends, as we take a good look at the above topic once again, have we ever put this question to ourselves? Have we ever  took the time just to ponder on this question? Friends, if we really take a good look around us today and around the globe, we see a suffering world of famine, starvation, war and natural disaster happening that claims the lives of so many innocent people especially children of war, famine and starvation. Have we ever sat with our families and friends and thought about all these things that is happening in today’s present world? Today, what we see is that people have become lovers of themselves. They have become so selfish and prideful. They have become lovers of money. They have become power crazy. Nothing else matters to them. What matters most is only what matters to them only. Their eyes are not towards those who are waiting in HOPE.

Dear friends, all we ever read in the current news today is about war and power. These things have taken the main agenda in the lives of the people. Friends, “What Is Our Purpose Here On This Earth?” Why are we put on this earth for? There must be a reason to it right, my friends? Is it just to make ourselves rich in wealth? To have billions of money in our account? To have mansions and have all the world richness in our hands? To have the most expensive cars that you can owned? Is this our purpose here on this earth or is there other purposes to it? Mankind has become so selfish and power crazy. God made this earth for mankind to look after it. But mankind destroyed the earth because of their selfish gains. They wanted power to rule over those who are weak. They want to oppress the weak. That is what mankind is today in this era. To kill and destroy one another. Is that our purpose?

Dear friends, why is there famine, starvation, drought, diseases, sicknesses, global warming, earthquakes, Tsunamis, hurricanes and many more natural disasters? Who is the reason and cause of all these things to happen?  Is it not we and those who are power crazy to rule ,my friends? Who is to be blame for what is currently happening in today’s world? There is war every where. And who suffers? Is it not the innocent ones?  Every six minutes, a child is dying. Who is to be blame for the deaths of these innocent ones? Children die out of starvation? Who is to be blame for all this? Is this our purpose my friends? To see children dying every six minutes! It is not a joke, my friends!The consequences and the outcome of war and power has led to all these things to happen.

Today, at homes of the wealthy and the rich, there is abundance of variety of food displayed on the table. Even today at your table my friends, there will be variety of dishes served on your table. But sad to say, many of us just waste the food and some are even thrown into the garbage! When you go out to the fast food restaurants, do you not waste the food that is there too? People in Somalia are only having one kind of a food that is prepared. Friends, be able to tell your friends not to waste food because thousands of children out there are dying out of starvation. Worst of all, many of us do not even say our grace when food is served. Believe it, it is happening in many homes of believers where saying grace for the food is totally ignored.

Dear friends, our purpose here on this earth is to bind up the brokenhearted,to proclaim freedom for the captives, to release the prisoners from the bondage of their oppressors, to comfort all who mourn, to feed the hungry, to clothe the naked and to provide the poor wanderer with a shelter. This is what we are suppose to be doing if we are to be called humans.What is the meaning of being wealthy and rich when you cannot even extend your hand to your own fellowmen that you see in the suffering world of today? Your wealth and richness is equal to nothing in the eyes of God. When we all die we take nothing at all with us friends. Naked we came into this world and naked shall we depart back to God to give an account of what we did on this earth. It is your good deeds that will save your soul my friend. Friends, you and I do have a purpose why we are put on this earth. Let us be able to love all mankind regardless of their race and religion, color and from what background he or she comes from. Let us all be able to love that One Human Race that God created. Let us bring Love and Hope into the lives of people who need it.  Be A Blessing To Anyone That You Meet Today.In any way we can friends, please do try to extend your hand to help those especially “The Horn Of Africa That Is In A Crisis” at the moment.God has bless you to bless others. So be a Blessing to others Today.

God Bless.





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