“With Christ In The Vessel We Can Smile At The Storms In Our Life”

9 08 2011

Greetings I bring to you my dear friends in the name of Our Lord Jesus Christ Our Deliverer. Dear friends, as we go into today’s posting entitled “With Christ In the Vessel We Can Smile At The Storms In Our Life,” indeed it is really true my friends. Please do read on the rest of the article and be delivered  from the storms that come your way today. Do be blessed and Stay Blessed always.

Dearly beloved friends, as you take a look again at the above topic, some may find it hard to believe. Friends, being a believer does not promise a believer “A bed of Roses” through his life. In fact there are many believers going through the storms of life that hit into every path that they take. This is indeed true my friends. We as believers go through so many trials and temptations in our life. At times we come to a point that we want to give up. We feel so tired of the journey that we have to take in our life. Yes, my friends! That is Life! But wait! Before you give up on your journey of faith, there is a good news for every believer who believes.

Dear friends, you have to believe in that One true God who dwells within us. Remember, that God says that he wants to make His dwelling in our hearts! Yes, my dear friends, God chooses to dwell in our sanctuary than in a man made sanctuary. That is why God says that He will Never Leave us or abandon us alone. God said that He will be with us till the end of time. In whatever trials that we are going through today, we are never alone. God is within us. God Is with us. He made His dwelling among mankind by coming into this world in the form of His son Jesus Christ Our Lord and Redeemer and our Deliverer. God has never ever left us as orphans to defend for ourselves. Even if our earthly father or mother may abandon us, but God will never ever abandon us at any point in our life when we are struggling. That is the Nature of Our Father in Heaven. He loves us just too much to abandon us, my friends.

Dearly beloved friends, there are many of us out there still asking God this question, “How long Lord do I need to go through this situation?” Friends,we all have to go through the storms in our life. Storms are really strong and at times you will be drowned in it. Friends, do you remember in the gospel of St Matthew when our Lord Jesus was with the disciples in the boat sailing out in the sea? Jesus was sleeping soundly at the bottom of the vessel when a very strong wind and storm hit the boat of the disciples. They were so all afraid that they would drown in the sea. They totally forgot that the God that created the heaven and the earth is with them in the vessel that they are in. The disciples was with Jesus when he did the miracles in front of their very eyes, yet they were still afraid! They were grumbling saying that Jesus did not care and was sleeping soundly through the storm.The disciples went and woke him, saying, “Lord, save us! We’re going to drown!” Friends, where is the Faith of the disciples at that time when the storm hit their boat?  Seeing how little was their Faith in Him, he came out and replied,”You of little faith, why are you so afraid?” Then Jesus got up and rebuked the winds and the waves, and it was completely calm.”

Dear friends, the same Jesus that rebuked the winds 2000 years ago is still the same Lord today. He is the same Lord Yesterday, Today and Forever! We serve a Resurrected  Lord and not a dead God as some still thinks. The same Jesus Our Lord and God that calms the storm 2000 years ago will do the same for you today my friends. Do not be like the disciples who were of so little Faith although they were with Jesus all the time. They saw the miracles yet they were of so little Faith. But we friends, are a truly Blessed generation because, we have not seen the Lord and yet we believe in Him through His word. Keep on and hold on to that faith that you are having now my friends. The storms in our life will not go on always. It has to stop and calm down. When we have “The Man That Still The Waters” with us today, why do we need to be afraid? Jesus will calm all the storms that are coming our way. Just “Be Still And Know That He Is God!” The lessons that we learn through the storms in life will bring us to the destiny that we are heading too. We are God’s people and God is our total strength and refuge. Do not be discouraged or dismayed, for God is with us every second. Friends, “With Christ In Our Vessel, That Is Our Heart, We Can Always Smile At The Storms That Is Coming Our Way.” God will make a way for you Today my friends. Just BELIEVE in Him that is within you. “He who is within you is greater of he who is of this world!” Be Blessed and Stay Blessed Always my dear brothers and sisters in Our Lord Jesus Christ.

God Bless.





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