“Comfort Zone Christians”

1 09 2011

Greetings I bring to you my friends in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ our Redeemer. Dear friends, as we go into today’s posting entitled, “Comfort Zone Christians” we see that in today’s world of believers, there are many Christians who are in the comfort zone area of their life. Please do read on the rest of the article my friends and be blessed.

Dearly beloved friends, as we take a good look at the topic above entitled “Comfort Zone Christians,” there are many of us believers out there who would always like to be in our comfort zone and we would not want anyone to disturb it. It is indeed a sad thing to say and to see that there are such believers who are known as “Comfort Zone Christians.” Please do not get offended by what I am going to write down. Let us take it as a challenge and see if we can ever try to get out of our “Comfort Zone.” Many of us in fact would find it hard to do so. What do I mean by the word “Comfort Zone Christians?” In today’s churches we see that the churches are well furnished with cushion kneelers and cushion chairs. Some churches are fully air conditioned. Not many churches are well furnished like the ones that I have mentioned. I am not against those churches who indeed have cushion kneelers, cushion chairs and are air conditioned. But are we not so comfortable sitting in churches like this? Of course, we are.

Dear friends, we have become so comfortable with having all these things in our church, that when we go to a church that does not have cushion kneelers, cushion chairs and is not air-conditioned, we become so uneasy and restless at times. Even we find it so hard to pray and worship. Churches where there is only wooden benches to sit on and there is no air conditioner, people find it so hard to make themselves comfortable in that kind of churches. They start to complain that it is so hot although there are ceiling fans and also they find it so uncomfortable to sit on benches because in their church they have chairs that are fully cushioned. I myself have witness some people complaining about the comfort that they have in their church but they could not get it in other churches. That is why I mentioned the word “Comfort Zone Christians.” Today’s most Christians are all in a Comfortable Zone.

Dearly beloved friends, it is indeed sad to see that nowadays Christians need comfort to worship God. Let us stop and pause for a while and see how did our Lord Jesus did his ministry. Being the son of God and leaving his heavenly home, Jesus Christ came into this world. His very birth also was not in a comfortable place. Jesus Our lord was born in a stable, my friends! I bet we all know how a stable would have smelled. Jesus Christ was not at all born in a place of comfort. During his life as a child he lived with his father Joseph who was a carpenter by profession. Life was neither easy being a son of a carpenter. Meaning Jesus would not have lived in a comfortable home with all the comfort. During Jesus ministry, he walked from one village to another village by foot. He did not lived in homes that were full of comfort. Remember his disciples were fishermen. So, our Lord Jesus was among the poor. Our lord even said that foxes have holes to sleep but the Son of man has no place even to lay his head. That was how Jesus moved in His ministry to accomplish the will of His Father in Heaven.

Dearly beloved friends, today we see many servants of God and also the people want comfort in everything that they do. We see servants of God who travel ib expensive cars just to go and do their ministry. Some servants of God also wants to stay in expensive hotels and have good food to eat. Some even travel in expensive airlines if they are going to bring the word of God to the people in different states or country. Sad to say that there are also some servants of God who will not bring the word of God to the people if all their earthly needs are not met. The ministry of our Lord Jesus was never ever like that, my friends. Present day believers want all the comfort they can get to do the Lord’s ministry. It is such a sad thing indeed that many do not follow the steps of Our Lord Jesus in his ministry.

Dear friends, let us take a good look at how the Muslims worship God. They all sit on the floor. All are one. The king himself sits on the floor with the people. They do not have cushion chairs to sit on. They are all one. The king and the people. They do leave their shoes outside when they come into the place of worship. But here in our churches, we see that believers can even wear their shoes until the sanctuary of God to partake in the Holy Eucharist. Many have forgotten, when God said to Moses in the Old Testament to remove his sandals because Moses was standing on “holy ground” before God in front of the ‘burning bush.’ Even today, we believers are to do the same because the same God that met Moses, is the same God yesterday, today and forever who will meet us at the sanctuary when we partake in the Holy Eucharist. Friends, today, if we are still in our comfort zone then ask ourselves are we really the true disciples of our Lord Jesus Christ. If we are the true believers of Jesus Christ then we have to be like our Lord and follow his ways. Do have a blessed day and stay blessed always.

God Bless.





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21 11 2011

Our inner reverence for God whom we worship is always attributed through our outward expression in worship.

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