“When Things Happen,Do We Blame God Or Do We Put Our Trust In Him?”

3 09 2011

Greetings I bring to you in the Blessed name of Our Lord and Redeemer Jesus Christ. Dear friends, looking at the topic entitled above, do we blame God when we undergo certain situations and circumstances in our life or do we put our trust in Him. Please do read the rest of the article and be blessed my friends.

Dearly beloved friends, there are indeed many of us as believers who are undergoing a really tough time in our daily life.  As I did mentioned earlier in one of my postings, that a believers life is not a “bed of roses” as some of us still thinks it is. We go through many trials and temptations in our daily life. There is always something that we have to face daily in our life. Friends, but in all things that we as believers are undergoing do we blame God for all the mishaps and troubles that we are facing everyday? Or do we learn to put our trust in God, believing that God will lead us out of all our troubles?

Dear friends, many a times, most of us would blame God for all the things that is happening to us. Believe it or not, I have people who are believers coming up to me and saying that God does not at all care for them and that God does not answer their prayers. They do also say that God does not see their tears. Friends, let us pause for a moment before we go on. First and foremost we have first got to understand who we are talking about. We are not talking about the gods of this world that are created by the hands of men. We are talking and dealing with the Living God, The God Almighty, who created you and I. Our Creator in heaven. Our Father in Heaven. Our Only Source of help in heaven. Till today and even at this moment that I am undergoing such problems, God has sent me help through his child from a different country to bring forth help to me. It is not even 24 hours, but help is already at my door step. What are you and I going to say about this my friends?

Dearly beloved friends, the God that I am worshiping today has sent help to me from the heavens above. Our God is a living God. He heard my cry and answered me from His Holy temple. God saw the problems that I am undergoing as a widow. As it is written, God said that He is indeed the DEFENDER to the widows and the fatherless.My God was always my Helper in times our trouble. God is my Refuge and Strength and a Tower of Hope. Friends, today I was indeed in a terrible situation, yet within 24 hours God sent me the help that I wanted. I am His child and He is my Father in Heaven. God is my Source. God stirs and moves the heart of his children to bring forth His help to me. Without God moving ones heart, no one will be able to help us. Believe in what I am writing to you my friends. this is my testimony about my true living God.

Dearly beloved friends,today if you are undergoing such problems, trials and temptations, stop blaming God but learn to surrender your burdens unto Him and learn to trust God that he will definitely send you help from the heavens above today. If God can send help to me within 24 hours he too will send you help. Be of good courage. A friend of mine was asking me today, “how can you still write when you are in a situation that you cannot overcome your problem?” I told him, the One that is within me is much more greater of he who is of this world. With God at my side at all times, why do I need to fear. Do you know my friends, that each night I will look up at the heavens above and tell God my Father, “Father, please send me help from above.” And my God did hear my call. Today my friends, look up at the heavens above and call unto the Lord and he will hear your cry and see your tears. Stop blaming God for the hopeless situation that you are in today, but rather put your Trust in the Lord our God and see the deliverance of the Lord in your life today. Be blessed and Stay blessed always.

God Bless.





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