“Forgiving Your Enemies” It Is Never An Easy Task To Do!

11 09 2011

Greetings I bring to you my dear friends in the name of Our Lord Jesus Christ Our Redeemer. Dear friends, looking at the above topic entitled, “Forgiving Your Enemies” is in fact not an easy task to do.Many of us out there are living in total hurt, bitterness, pain, revenge and grudge. Believe me, we as believers are undergoing this situation. Many of us carry all our hurts and revenge till the grave. Many have died without forgiving their enemies and those who have hurt them. Please do read on the rest of the article and be blessed.

As I was sitting in front of my laptop, I went surfing into the Internet. There I came across the topic of the Sept 9/11 kids who lost their dads and mums too.It was really saddening to see those kids who were holding their dad’s photograph.As a mother, I know how it feels. It was the 10th anniversary of the Sept 9/11 tragedy that happened 10 years ago. At that time I was operating a restaurant. it came a shock to me 10 years ago when I was in the restaurant and it was about lunch time. On the television was the headlines, “America Under Attack!” OMG! That was indeed a shocking news. No one would have ever expected such a tragedy in this era that we were in. Of all, “America Was Under Attack?” Many of us at that time could not digest what had happened 10 years ago. But that is what happened! Children lost their parents, wives lost their husbands, parents lost their children, grandparents lost their grandchildren, Uncles and aunts lost their nieces and nephews, friends lost friends and many sweethearts lost their sweethearts in that 9/11 tragedy. About 3,000 lives were claimed.

As I still recall that tragedy that happened 10 years ago, my heart still feels the pain, even though none of them were related by blood connection. It is because we are humans we feel that pain when tragedies like this happens. We feel the anger within us and wish that those responsible for this will have to pay back what they did to those innocent lives that did not deserve to die. There is hurt, bitterness, pain and revenge for the majority of those who had lost their loved ones in that 9/11 tragedy.

It was a Sunday, and I had to get ready to church. There I was sitting down with the rest of the church members when my Padre gave the sermon. Believe it, it was all about Forgiving those who have hurt you? Forgiving your enemies that have killed your loved ones? It is never at all easy to do such thing. If we are God, then yes we can forgive! The bible says that we are to forgive our enemies not seven times but seventy seven times we are to forgive them. Whattttt???? Once, twice, thrice, Yes! That is never going to be an easy task to do. If someone hurts you, maybe we can forgive them. But what if someone has killed a member of your family? How are you going to forgive that person? Do you think it is an easy thing to do?  But that is what we are required to do. To forgive our enemies seventy seven times. We who have not lost our loved ones in the tragedy can feel the pain till today, but what about those whom had lost all their loved ones in that 9/11 tragedy?  How forgiving can we be? But that is what God requires us to do today. Some of us would be angry with God and we may even questioned God, where was God when this tragedy happened?  There is only one answer to it when God says, “My ways are not your ways neither are my thoughts your thoughts.” That is the only answer God gives us today.

All of us have been hurt in one way or another. But is it worth it to hold all these revenge and grudge within us? Are we going to hold it for a life time or are we going to come at one point and let go of it? I myself  have been truly hurt on all sides. But it is time for us to Forgive, Forget and Let Go of all the hurts, pain, grudge and revenge that we have on our enemies and those who have hurt us. Let us not stained our hands with blood. How much can we do to seek revenge on our enemies? Why destroy ourselves and bring sicknesses upon ourselves. Do you know, that when we keep such troubling matters deep within us, it is we who are going to suffer in spirit, mind and body? Let us leave room for God to deal with our enemies. God says, “It is His to avenge” so let us not stain our hands. Let us try to Forgive and move on with life. When we Forgive , it is for our own healing. I know it is never an easy task to deal with but let us as humans leave things in God’s hand. Anyway “God is still in Control of EVERYTHING that happens till Today!” If we truly Love ourselves, then you and I should start Forgiving all those who have hurt us by their actions, words and deeds and move on with our life.Please keep on praying for the families that have lost their loved ones in the Sept 9/11 tragedy.Remember them in your personal prayers.They are also our brothers and sisters in Christ Jesus.Be Blessed and Stay Blessed always.

God Bless.





One response

21 11 2011

We can imitate God in forgiving but we cannot be God in forgiving. The Bible say we are enemies of God by birth Rom 5:10 and killed His Son Jesus Christ by choice Acts 2:23; 5:30 but God had forgiven us Eph 4:32. Man say “My plan is to forgive and forget: forgive myself for being stupid, and forget you ever existed.”. Man’s enemies are not born enemies but situational/circumstance enemies by choice. What had happened on 9/11 is a act of cruelty by choice to do evil. We can forgive them but on the other hand justice should be prevail in all such cases. We can forgive our enemies but we cannot forget our enemies name. Law should takes it’s course of action Rom 13:4.

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