Hello! You “Bangsa Apa?”

21 11 2011

Noami and kidsOops! Many of us on the streets would be caught off hand when someone just pops up to you and ask you this question, right?  The question you “Bangsa Apa?” in English term refers to What race are you? I myself would be caught in that situation. Many of us who are asked with this kind of a question will all have the same answer.They will say that they are M.I.C.  and it is definitely not Malaysian Indian Congress! If you ask Encik Rahim, he will tell you that he is a Malay,” ask Mr Ramasamy and he will tell you that he is an “Indian” and you ask Mr Ah Kau he will tell you that he is a “Chinese.” All of their answers are that they are a Malay, Indian and Chinese (M.I.C).

The majority of us out there will say the same thing, right? But what if all our answers could be “Saya Anak Bangsa Malaysia!”  All the Malays, Indians and Chinese could in our VOICE say that we are “MALAYSIANS!”  Do you know that we all could make a difference? Why have we all separated ourselves? That is why there is “division and barrier’ among the people.  We have all been divided because of our Race or “Bangsa!” Look at what we Malaysians are heading to? Many of our children are heading overseas to work, Why? Have we ever asked ourselves this question? Why are there so many Malaysians that have migrated overseas? Why are there so many students who have gone overseas to study? Why can’t we have the best Universities here for our kids to pursue whatever field they want to pursue in? Why do they need to go out of the country? If you ask me, my question would be that people are already fed up by the way the country is being governed?  They are unhappy with things that are happening in our country Malaysia. Malaysia is my country and my Homeland. Malaysia is a beautiful place with so many multiracial  cultures. We are blessed with a lot of natural resources in our country and yet we claim to look so poor.

If each and everyone one of us individual can claim that Malaysia is our country and our homeland it is high time that we look seriously into certain matters. I do hope that many of us still remember our National Anthem that we all have to sing during our school assembly on every Monday? Do we really mean the words that we sang? Hope that you all still remember the Anthem? “Negaraku, Tanah Tumpahnya Darah Ku!” Yes, this is the part that I am very concerned with.  “Tanah Tumpahnya Darah Ku” meaning the Land where you shed your Blood! Yes, my people! It is time that we all got up from our “slumber.” There should not be a barrier among us. We are all “Anak Bangsa Malaysia!” Each and everyone of us should claim our rights not only for our own individual selves and our families but also for the family of En Rahim, Mr Ramasamy and Mr Ah Kau and together with all their families and children.

Do you know that there are 40% of “our people” still living in poverty? Have we ever gone out and see who are these 40% of “our people” still living in total poverty?  The 40% of the people that are living in poverty consists of children who are not having food and the basic things that every human are entitled to. They are “Anak Kita!” The children are not “anak orang lain” but “anak kita” meaning “Our Children” regardless of what race they come from! If we Malaysians can claim that each child from different ethnic groups are “Anak Kita” then we will be able to look into the 40% of those still in poverty. There could also be so many Encik Rahim, Mr Ramasamy and Mr Ah Kau into that 40% who are still living in poverty. Are we just going to keep quiet and do nothing about it? Are we just happy that we are all alright and comfortable in our “Comfort Zone” while all  our “Anak Kita” are still suffering in silence?  Are we so blind that we cannot see the 40% still in poverty?  Many of our “Anak Kita” are still sharing school uniforms and school shoes with their siblings? Are we aware of that? It is still going on in this era? What the hell!

Why do we need multi billion buildings when our “Anak Kita” are still suffering? Our “Anak Kita” in Sabah and Sarawak are also deprived of many things! Are we going to keep quiet about that? Those siting on the top are just enjoying the money to fill up their stomachs and to feed their cronies while our “Anak Kita” are still suffering for one days meal? Does not these all  bring attention to each and everyone of us individual that we seriously need a “Change!”  We need a change not for our individual self but for the 40% that is suffering in poverty in our country Malaysia.Let us not exploit and have the attitude of “Tidak Apa Attituide” and turn our eyes from the 40% that are still living in poverty. It is 40% who are still living in poverty and not 4% as some bright elects have mentioned. I wonder from where  this fellows got the facts and figures from.Those are the kind of people that are governing our country.

OMG! Before I end my article, let me share something with you my fellow people. I am a daughter of a simple policeman. My dad’s name is Mr M. Chelliah with his police ID that bears the number 23163. We were living in Police Field Force, Hulu Kinta.Me together with my other 5 siblings were living in a police camp. We were living in Block G 6-0-7. We were living there from 1969 until 1981. My dad use to be in the jungle most of the time that I could remember. He used to carry his signal sets and go mostly to Fort Kemar and also to Sarawak. He was almost caught in a booby trap. My dad was not with us most of the time. There were times when we were preparing for Christmas and he was called for duty to go into the jungle to fight the communist. My dad Mr Chelliah served this country with full commitment. He never ever slacked in his tour of duty. He use to come back by helicopter.

My dad did not serve the country for his children and his family. He served this country for each and every “Anak Kita!” including your children too my friends. You know, when my dad comes back from the jungle, he brings back the ration back home. When we know that the helicopter Nuri is coming it is not only me and my siblings who run to meet my dad but also the Malay kids too, you know. He shares the biscuits and sweets with those kids and calls them “Anak Saya!” My dad is known as “Uncle Chelliah” to many kids who were living with us in the Police Field Force camp.

There was no differences of our races at that time, but why do we see such barriers among the people and the children of today. Even right now at this point it still bring tears to my eyes friends thinking of the division of races that have separated us all. My people, before I end my article, let us put all our differences aside and let us unite as One to claim the things and rights that we have just let go off. We all made a mistake. It is never too late my friends. We still can make a Change and it has to start with each and everyone of us. We are all “ANAK BANGSA MALAYSIA!” Let this spirit of ONENESS move in our Hearts to break the BARRIER that have SEPARATED US ALL.

The next time when someone ask you, You “Bangsa Apa?” please do make sure to say that you are “ANAK BANGSA MALAYSIA” and you are call MALAYSIAN FIRST! It is time we claim OUR Rights for our “Anak Kita” and the coming future generation. VOTE WISELY IN THE NEXT 14 GENERAL ELECTION! Do Not Let Anyone Speak For You, Speak For Yourself! Your Vote Will Make a DIFFERENCE! Remember and keep in heart about those 40% still living in poverty. We can all make a change and give hope to the 40% that are still living in poverty. The Change has to begin with YOU today. Think about it!

God Bless Malaysia.

“Saya Anak Bangsa Malaysia”





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