” Planning To Sell Your Dignity Just For These $$$$$$$$$?”

22 11 2011

Aha…..! That is indeed a good question to dwell on before the majority of us out there and also around the globe are about to do. How many of us today have heard of people who are willing to do anything just to sell their dignity to others just for $$$$$$$? Some of us sell our dignity to betray others. We betray our family and friends. We betray our companies and organizations by selling out confidential information to others. And most of all we sell our dignity and betray our own Country that we are all living in. We do not only sell our dignity and betray our country alone BUT together by betraying the whole nation and that includes our family, friends and the future generation that is to come.

What exactly is the meaning of DIGNITY? I speak for myself. To me dignity means my self respect, trust and integrity that I have within me.My own principles and I would not go against it in any situation or circumstances. What is the use of selling of our dignity just for $$$$$$$$? It is not at all worth it! Trust me because at the end of the day you have to be answerable to your own conscience and before God. Can you be at peace after knowing that you have gone against your own principles that you have instill within you and you have just agreed to sell your principles just for $$$$$$$$?

Think about it my friends! After all the years of being a man or woman of good and great principles, at the end of the day when someone comes up to you and gives you money to do something that is against your will and you end up doing it for them and not for your own, do you know what situation that you are in? You will be killing your own self day by day by your own conscience.

As humans we all have conscience that will speak to us. If we do something that is against our will there is a VOICE deep within us telling us that we have really done something really, really wrong. Some of us out there are willing to sell our dignity because of situations and circumstances that we are in. We have become so ignorant that we are unable to think about the consequences we are about to bring unto others.

Family and friends, just sit back today and just give a thought on the above title that I have put forward. How many of us Today as Individuals are about or planning to sell our dignity just for these Ringgit signs $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$? Remember that YOU are SELLING yourself to the other party that is asking you to do something that will go against your will and your principle! The 13 General Election is just around the corner my friends.

There are many people without their own principle and without conscience will come up to you and give you money just to buy your VOTE. They will ask you to cheat during the casting of your vote. Remember, that this is the only time you have to show whether you are a dignified person or a person who does not have dignity at all. Meaning that your dignity and integrity depends whether or not it can be bought by Money?

General Election is a time that you decide which leader you want to vote to govern this country. We learn that the Federal Constitution sets up a system for the governance of Malaysia. It is a “democratic” system which means that the people of Malaysia decide who runs the country. We do this by voting at elections. It is you and I my friends that decide who we want to govern this country. If people can buy you with money to betray your vote, then you should know how corrupted these people are!

Do not let others to SPEAK for You or Decide for You. It is your right as a Malaysian citizen to vote who you want to Vote. Remember, Your Vote Counts and it will make a Difference. You do not have to be afraid of anyone neither the Government. You should not be afraid of the Government, the Government should be afraid of You and I because it is We the “RAKYAT” who will decide who will govern this country.

After all, what are we asking? We want a Government that is Clean in administration, every individual are treated equally, every individual are to have the basic things in life, good education, no corruption, leaders with integrity, the “Rakyat’s” needs to be met and also to look into the 40% who are still living in poverty. The Orang Asal to be looked after and taken care of because in fact they are the genuine people of this land. They are many more demands to it my friends.

We can all do it in ONE VOICE in the coming 13 General Election. Please, do not sell your DIGNITY for just a few hundred ringgits. Think wisely and Vote wisely in the 13 GE. You and I are doing this for our children, whether it is for the children of En Rahim, Mr Ramasamy or Mr Ah Kau. They are our Children. United We Stand people. We are all “ANAK BANGSA MALAYSIA!” There is no Malay, Indian and Chinese. We are all MALAYSIANS First. Let us strive for a Better Malaysia. The CHOICE is in your Hands my fellow Malaysians. “Don’t Be BOUGHT By $$$$$$$$$$!” Vote wisely in this 13 GE that is on the 5th of May 2013.

God Bless Malaysia

Saya Anak Bangsa Malaysia





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