“You Have A Friend Who Cares For You Today!”

21 12 2011

Greetings my beloved friends in the name of Our Lord and Redeemer Jesus Christ. Dear friends as we take a look at the above topic, there are many of us today who have been cast out by our own families and by the society. You feel rejected, not wanted and you go under stress and you are depressed. I bet that there are indeed many of us around the globe who are in this situation today. Do take the time my friends and read the rest of the article and you will know that there is a Friend who will stand by you till the end of time.

Dearly beloved friends! Are you feeling lonely, rejected and abandon by your loved ones today? There are indeed many of us out there who are actually in this situation. We have been either not wanted by the family or by the society due to the reasons only you will know my friends. Whatever the reason is, do not feel heartbroken, depressed, lonely and rejected because even though your family and friends and the society does not want you or care for you, there is still someone out there who is willing to be with you till the end of time.

Dearly beloved, you may be left at a home or an orphanage or even not having a place in your own home. You may be wondering at this time if there is ever someone who will care for you and accept you the way you are in today? You may be praying and asking God so many questions that are running in your mind at this very moment because of the situation you are in today my friends? Cheer up and be glad, because your Savior and Redeemer is here to be with you. It is just because we tend to forget that there is someone who cares and he really cares for you. He will take you into his hands and carry you through. He knows your weaknesses and he wants to make you strong. In your weaknesses you will gain your strength from him. If you think that you are poor today, in him you will be made rich in every way. If you think that you are an orphan, he will give you the right to call him Abba, Father. If you think that you are a sinner, he will make you into a righteous person.

Dearly beloved friends,  whatever situation you are in Today, there is an answer to your daily prayers. Your prayers have reached to this person who is a Friend to all regardless of your race and religion and from whatever background you come from. Such is this person my friends. If you have never heard of this friend who cares for you and willing to lay down his life for you, his name is JESUS CHRIST. He is called “EMMANUEL” meaning “GOD WITH US.” Is it not a good news and wonderful to know that God is with you at all times. That he will never ever leaver you nor abandon you till the end of time. He will never cast you away just because you are a sinner. In fact that was the very reason he came down from heaven to earth to redeem his people from sin and from the clutches of the evil one. He came down to save his people from sin and to carry their sins upon himself on the cross at Calvary that made  you and I to be saved.

Dear friends, today the Good News is that you have a Friend call  Jesus Christ who cares for you truly. Do not feel abandon, rejected or lonely. Jesus Christ has promised never to leave you as orphans till the end of time. He will uphold you with his mighty strong hands. He will carry you on eagles wings. He will love you and have compassion on you because you are His child. He has bought you and redeem you not with silver or gold but by his precious blood at Calvary 2000 years ago, my friends. Jesus Christ is there to carry all your burdens. Cast it upon him today. Today, he heard your cry among the millions out there. Jesus Christ came seeking for you my friends. Today the decision is in your hands if you want to accept him into your lives. In Him you will never be rejected or cast away. In Him you will never be lonely. In Him you are never an orphan. In Him you are not an outcast. In Him you have EVERYTHING! That is all you ever need my friends. Jesus Christ is a FRIEND to all. A Friend at all times and a FRIEND FOREVER. Be Blessed and Stay Blessed.

God Bless.




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