“God Will Carry You Through 2012 As He Did In 2011”

31 12 2011

  Greetings I bring to you my beloved friends in the name of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Friends as we look at the above topic, many of us are still living in total fear. Today as the clock strikes 12 at midnight we will be entering into the New Year 2012. Dear friends do take time to read the rest of the article to see how God will lead you and I into the New Year 2012. Be blessed and Stay blessed always.

Dearly beloved friends! Once again I bring greetings to all of you who are around this globe today regardless from what back ground we all come from. We are all God’s creation and we are His children. I would also like to take this golden opportunity to thank and wish all my friends around the world who have gone through my articles for the past 10 months. Thank you for your support in every way. It is treasured deep down in my heart. I hope that my articles would have brought some comfort and answers into your lives my friends. Once again with a grateful heart, a million thanks.

  Dearly beloved friends, as we take a good look at the above topic, it is written that “God will carry you through 2012 as he did in 2011.” Friends as we look back in 2011, there are many things that made us laugh and many things that made us cry. But still many of us at this point are here to welcome the New Year 2012 into our life. There were births, deaths, weddings, divorce,failures, success, hurt and bitterness. Some brought joy into our hearts while some brought sadness into us too. But by the grace of God many of us have moved on by the strength God has given us. His grace and mercy was just enough for many of us to move on in our lives despite the hurdles that we have to go through, right?  But what about those of you my friends who are broken down so badly in your life? You have been hard pressed from all sides. And you still wonder if God is still there with you? Its a very good question anyway my friends! Most of us will feel this way. Has God forgotten us? God says we are His children but where is God in the midst of all your suffering you may wonder? Friends, believe me what I have got to say to you and to all my other friends Today. Today if you are reading my article it clearly shows that God is with you today and till the end of time. It is written that God will never ever leave you nor forsake you!

Dearly beloved friends, many of us have truly misunderstood the reality and presence of God in the midst of us Today. Today if you are going to celebrate and welcome the New Year, its because of God who loves you so much that he carried you through 2011 and God will carry you through into 2012. In all your weaknesses and shortcomings God carried you through my friends. God did not ever abandon you half way through. He is a God that keeps His promises to those who love him for generations. God’s love is ever there with you my friends. Never ever doubt His Love and existence in your life today. God will carry you through on Eagles Wings. His protection will be your shield and rampart and under His wings you will find refuge. As it is written in the book of the Prophet Isaiah 43:5 “Do not be afraid for I am with you.” In Isaiah 41:10 “So do not fear, for I am with you, do not be dismayed for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you;I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.” Yes,my beloved friends. What assurance do we need more to move into the New Year 2012?

Dearly beloved friends, before I come to the end of my article today, believe in your hearts that God is Love. That is why he sent his only beloved Son Jesus Christ to redeem you and I my friends. If Jesus Christ could carry the weight of the world upon His shoulders, my brothers and sisters believe me that He will carry you too through the storms in your life. Nothing is too hard or difficult for the Lord to do. Let Our lord Jesus Christ reign in your hearts today. Today as you wait to welcome the New Year 2012, there is someone knocking at your door today to come in and to dine with you. As it is written in the book of Revelation 3:20 “Here I am! I stand at the door and knock. If anyone hears my voice and opens the door,I will come in and eat with him, and he with me.’ The choice is in your hands my friends. Jesus Christ will carry you through the Blessed Year of 2012. Have a Blessed New Year 2012 and God Bless.





One response

31 12 2011

Jesus never fails to carry us Isa 40:11
The scripture never fails to comfort us Rom 15:4
Man never fails to conflict with us Phil 1:30

God bless u richly in the coming year 2012

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