“Automatic Gate Or The True Eternal Gate”

5 01 2012

Greetings I bring to you my beloved friends in the name of Our Lord Jesus Christ our Redeemer and Savior. Wishing all of you a truly Blessed New Year 2012 with God as our only Refuge and Hope. Many of us out there have in fact entered the year 2012 with still a lot of doubts in our hearts. Dearly beloved, looking at the above topic it is quite an interesting one. Do take time to read the rest of the article and be truly blessed my friends.

Hi friends! Once again a truly Blessed New Year 2012 to all my beloved ones around the globe. In fact this is a truly interesting topic cause I had this conversation about 3 days ago in my elder brothers home. We were in fact having this conversation while enjoying our local favorite fruit from Malaysia known as “durian” or the “King of Fruits.” The topic about installing an “automatic gate” became the topic.  Why do people install “automatic gate” at their residence? There are many reasons to it why people opt to install “automatic gates” at their homes. Some do it for the sake of protection. They believe that when they put such gates, thieves, robbers or intruders will not be able to get into their compound. Some even put up automatic gates just to show people how rich they are. Believe me or not, people spend a lot of money putting up really expensive and beautiful gates at their entrance. But they have in fact truly forgotten that these expensive and luxurious looking gates have in fact really made the robbers and thieves even want more to enter the said premises. There are still others who want to install automatic gates just to be at par with their family and friends. They believe that when they install such automatic gates they will be seen as rich people and that they have the status. They believe that people will respect them if they have such gadgets install at their residence. Is it all true? I wonder!

Dearly beloved friends, please do not get me wrong. I am not saying that one should not install “automatic gates” at their residence. Go ahead with it if you find it is a necessity to have one. But do not have this thing of installing the gate just because your neighbour has put up one so you have to challenge him to put up a more expensive automatic gate than your neighbour. So here it becomes an attitude of challenging ones neighbour and it is not seen at all as a necessity to have one. People become so engrossed in installing such fancy and really expensive automatic gates at their entrance that they forgot about the “True and Eternal Gate of God’s Protection.” Truly the houses that are robbed are the ones that are installed with expensive automatic gates. Even though people have install automatic gates they still live in fear? Why is that so? Meaning that the spirit of fear is still there even after installing the automatic gates!

Dear friends, which is more important? The Everlasting protection of God or the man made automatic gate? At times with all the up to date modern gadgets the automatic gates will give problem and breakdown on one fine day when you least expect it to happen. These are all modern high tech gadgets that will breakdown sooner or later. But when we put our trust and hope in God, he is the true gate of protection in our lives and at our residence. The True Eternal Gate of Protection is Jesus Christ himself.  Many of us as believers have in fact forgotten about this True Gate. This True Eternal Gate will never ever breakdown in any situation. Where ever we are we know that our homes are in truly safe hands. As it is written in the Book of Psalm 91:9 “If you make the most High your dwelling, even the Lord, who is my refuge, then no harm will befall you, no disaster will come near your tent. For he will command his angels concerning you to guard you in all your ways.” Yes, my beloved friends! If we can have the Most High with us then we will not fear at all. The Blood of Jesus Christ at our gates will give us eternal protection. It has to be done with Faith. How many of us as believers do believe that the Blood of Jesus Christ is the only 100% protection for us? As it is written the word of God says that “no disaster will come near your tent.”  God will command his angels to look after us my friends! How many of us can hold to that word of God?

Dearly beloved friends and children of God, as we have already entered the year 2012, let us cling on tightly to the Eternal words of God. God’s words are ever true. It stands till the end of time. It is the same yesterday, today and forever. Let us all begin this New Year with God carrying each and everyone of us regardless from what background, race or religion we all come from. We are all children of the One True and Living God. Today make it a point to have the True Eternal Gate that is Jesus Christ our Savior, Redeemer and Protector in our daily lives. Let us just not preach to others but to ourselves too. At times we really do not practice what we preach my friends. This year let us all start preaching to ourselves first then to others and this includes me too, my friends. Have a truly Blessed New Year 2012. Stay Blessed and Be Blessed always.

God Bless.





One response

5 01 2012

There is another gate called as pearly gate guarded by St. Peter. Once Satan and St. Peter, got in tough argument outside this gate.

Satan: Peter let me inn to enter heaven
Peter: no, only saint are allowed inn
Satan: why only saints
Peter: the keys of the kingdom of heaven is with me only the winner can enter
Satan: ok, than let us have a soccer game and see who wins the game
Peter: laughed and said ok, accepted your challenge
Satan: laughed and said we will win the game
Peter: grinned and asked how come u will win the game look we are saints and we are 12 chosen by Jesus Christ
Satan: said all the referee are by my side they all are eminent lawyers even if u win they will declared foul play by showing red card and dismiss your team.

It is not the automatic gate or pearly gate can guard us from thieves even it is guarded St. Peter. Read Psalm. 127:1.

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