“A Never Ending Story” of Apostasy and Proselytising

7 01 2012

Merdeka Comrades 1 - Copy (2)Hmmmmmm…….again and again the same old thing has pop up again. We are already in the New Year 2012 and hope that good things will be ahead for everyone. But No! Its not for some people like Hassan Ali. Only last year we had the issue of “Allah” and all the uncalled commotions made upon the issue of “Allah!” As we enter the New Year we as humans all around the globe are looking forward to so many things and the main thing is that we want Peace and Love among people regardless of from whatever background we all come from. Living in a multiracial country like Malaysia, I believe that we should be very careful in whatever statement we utter that it should not be a religious or a racial issue that will cause hurt to others. What are we really heading for?  Why is Hassan Ali attacking on the Christians? Last year we had Ibrahim Ali and Yusri Mohammad commenting on the issue of “Allah!”  What is their main agenda behind all these accusations on the Christians? Why are they causing a religious stir? The Christians are always their main target! I wonder why?

Sorry to say this, but I am a Christian myself and I do have a very good relationship with my Muslim brothers and sisters. I call them my “saudara” meaning, “Saudara by itself can also refer to any relative of roughly the same generation.” I hope that Hassan Ali still remembers that we Christians and Muslims acknowledges Abraham as the father of “Ishamael.” It is from the seed of Abraham that Ishamael came from. That is why I call my Muslim brothers and sisters as my relative or “saudara” because of Abraham. But please do not get mistaken! I am not here to convert the Muslims and so are the other Christians who have been falsely accused. What do we Christians get by converting the Muslims to Christianity? Believe me or not, many of my Muslim friends have told me the fact that if I convert myself to the Islam faith I will get a lot of benefits in everything just because I have been converted to the Islam faith!

Is this what conversion is all about? If this is the need that I need to convert to become a Muslim than I do not want to convert myself. If an individual wants to convert to any faith first and foremost the said individual have to love the religion that he or she wants to convert to! No one can force anyone to convert into a different faith.That is their FREEDOM! Even in Christianity, we are not at all interested in converting anyone. What do we Christians get by converting the Muslims? “Conversion can only take place when there is a divine encounter and intervention and nobody can stop that.”  I believe living in a multiracial country we have to respect each others faith.So stop causing all the stir that will cause uneasiness among the Christians and the Muslims. Stop being fanatics and being over religious and stop causing disunity among the Christians, Muslims and others from different faiths! 

By the way to quote what Hassan Ali commented on Malaysiakini yesterday, “They (the Christians) found that Buddhists are easy to convert, Taoists are easy to convert and Confucians easy to convert.”But they found Muslims, specifically Malays, difficult to convert.” If Hassan Ali can say that the Christians found the Malays difficult to convert then he should not be afraid of that! Meaning that the Malays have a very strong foundation on the teachings on the Islam faith. Why the worry then? Hassan Ali should be proud that Muslims are never easy to convert. But he also mentioned that,  “Against such a threat, he said, the Malays were nearly helpless. As at present, the Muslims themselves were dangerously shallow in their knowledge of Islamic practice and faith. Hasan also blamed many for a lack of interest in Islam among the youths on parents, who he said did not inculcate religious teachings in their children.” Hassan Ali made a mistake by quoting that the Malays are helpless and that they are dangerously shallow in their knowledge of Islamic practice and faith. Hassan Ali blamed it on the parents that they did not inculcate religious teachings to their children. Again he made a wrong statement! Me as a Christian believer really salute the Muslim mums for taking their time to teach their kids as early as 4 years old to recite the “Koran.” Sad to say many of our Christian parents  do not take the trouble to do that to our kids. These Muslim kids have strong foundation on the Islam faith and their teachings. They are taught to go to the “sekolah agama.” They are taught to perform their prayers five(5) times in a day. So how can Hassan Ali say that the Muslims are dangerously shallow in their knowledge of Islamic practice and faith? They have a strong foundation. Who is to be blame? Think about it!

Being a Christian and living in a community where we were surrounded majority by the Muslims, I would like to share something very personal. My dad was a policeman attached to the Police Field Force Camp in Ulu Kinta in Ipoh Perak. Me and my 5 other siblings were brought up there until most of us finished our secondary education at the Police Camp. We were staying in a flat. Believe it or not, there were about 10 Christian families there in the Police camp among the Muslims. We still had a Christian Chapel there for us to attend church. It was so peaceful. A catholic priest by the name of Father Wallace an Englishman, use to come every Sunday to have service at the chapel. Our Muslim brothers and sisters were alright with that!

When its time for Hari Raya festivals we were the ones that really enjoyed ourselves to the max. We could go to any Muslim house that we want to and we are treated so well. Likewise, during Christmas too, the kids and the bachelor “abangs” too use to come over to our place. They enjoyed the carolls too!  There were no such things as we have today? Some people out there have made everything political. All just because of some damn people out there who love to create chaos and disunity among the people. People might just think that we Christians want to convert the Muslims and this is in fact very misleading. Another account before I end my article.

My immediate neighbor had to go to the jungle because the call for duty. He left his pregnant wife who was due any time in that week,. He told my mum to look after his wife and if there is anything to be a help to her. We were then all in our secondary schooling. You see, my mum could not speak the Malay language very well. Mind you, my neighbor was a Muslim. When he left, 3 days after that his wife went into labor at midnight. There were no handphones at that time. It was in the early eighties. The “bidan” was living so far back in the camp. My mum attended to his wife. Its no easy thing going into labor and your family members are not there beside you. The “kakak’ was in pain. My mum told my eldest brother to go and get the “bidan” at that midnight hour while she attend to the “kakak.” You know the “kakak” was in great pain and she told my mum, “Aunty  please pray to Jesus Christ for me because the pain was so unbearable.” My mum did all she could. Yes, she did held her hands and prayed until the “bidan” arrived. To, Hassan Ali, what are you going to say to that? What are you going to call it? Apostasy, Proselytising! Just be careful in your statement!

We have so many things to look into. As a leader Hassan Ali made a statement that “The greatest challenge to us now is not the global economic meltdown nor the volcanic eruptions in neighboring countries, but to go against the faith,” warned Hasan, urging Muslims to fortify themselves, using mosques as strongholds, to strengthen their faith and knowledge against “the very real challenge from the Christians”. Look at what his focus is on? We have so many things to look into but Hassan Ali’s main interest is in creating a big mess and disunity among the Christian and the Muslims. That is his “greatest challenge”for the year 2012 and the former things are all secondary. I wonder!

Where is this thing that we call “LOVE?” A note before I end, do not blame the Christians for everything that happens. The Christians have become the “scapegoat” for everything that happens. Everyone is given a freewill to choose and decide. Anyway at the end of each day, we are only answerable to only One person and that is God Almighty our Creator.We are all children of God regardless of our race, religion and color. No one is superior than the other. The rich and the poor are the same. We are all God’s creation and let us learn to love and live in peace with one another. Learn to love our neighbors as ourselves. Don’t love the neighbor of your own kind but try loving somebody not of your own religion and race. That will make a great difference in ones life. After all, in all religion it teaches us to LOVE one another. Which religion teaches us to to bad and HATE others? Think about it my friends! Have a truly Blessed New Year 2012.






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