“House Of Worship Or The Temple Of God?”

8 01 2012

Greetings I bring to you my beloved friends around the globe in the name of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. My prayer for each and everyone of you is that God will Bless you in all things. Let us never forget that God is an ever present God. He has promised not to leave us nor abandon us at all times. God has promised to be with each and everyone of us till the end of time. Cling on to God our Father at all times. He will make all things new for you Today. Just Believe it and you will receive it my friends. Do take time to read the article below and may you be blessed at all times. God Bless.Greetings again my beloved friends. Today is Sunday and most of us would be attending church service. God bless you if you are in church today and God bless you too if you are not in church today as long you are still in touch and connected with God. Many of us who are born believers are taught to attend church every week and that is always on a Sunday. That is indeed a very good practice. But friends, is it sufficient enough for us to build up our spiritual life by just attending church service once a week? What are we doing with the rest of the six days? Are we having a real quality spiritual life with God or is it only on a Sunday we want to have a good spiritual life with God? What matters most to you and I friends? Is it the House of Worship or the Temple of God?

The House of Worship is a place where we meet to gather and have fellowship with our brothers and sisters in Christ Jesus and to hear the word of God being preached by the servant of God for that Sunday. We have fellowship, hear the word of God and then we all go back home. That is what most of us will do, right? It is only once a week we attend church. Why I am stressing on this is because many of us as believers are already falling away from our faith.The word of God that we hear on a Sunday, is stolen away from you by the devil for the rest of the six days. Because we only hear the word of God on a Sunday but the rest of the six days we are not at all connected with God at all. It is good if some of us are connected daily with the word of God. But what about the rest of us who are not connected at all? We will all be spiritually dead and the devil will have a good foothold on us. Remember that the devil knows the scripture more than us!

It is good to attend church every week and it is also good and important to take care of the Temple of God. You and I my friends are the Temple of the Living God. We need to take good care of this temple because it is the Dwelling place of the Most High God. God has chosen to dwell in our temple and that is in our hearts my friends. Let us not take it so lightly to abandon the temple of God. God wants to have Fellowship with you daily and not only on a Sunday. God wants you to have His Word within you daily. We are all God’s spiritual home. We have to take care of the temple of God and nourished it daily with His Word so that we will be strong and will not fall away from our Faith or go on the wrong path of life. We are His children created to have fellowship with God daily till we are called back home. Worship the Lord in the splendor of His Holiness. That is God’s call for us today. Parents you are encourage to have family prayers daily in your homes. We cannot afford to lose our children into the hands of the evil one. Bring the importance of the Word of God to your children. We give so many worldly things to our children but the spiritual things of God becomes secondary in the lives of our children. Impart to them the importance of one being the Temple of God.

Teach them while they are still young so that when they grow older they will not depart from it. We make the House of Worship so important that we totally forget about the Temple of God. We adorn and build the House of Worship with so many expensive materials but the Temple of God within us is wasting and rotting away. Friends, do consider and take to heart the message I am bringing to you my beloved friends. May the presence of God go ahead of you and may the Glory of God be your rear guard today. Have a truly blessed weekend my friends and thank you for all your support on my I Believe blog. Stay Blessed and Be Blessed always.

God Bless





One response

19 01 2012

Why God chosen us to be His Temple? A punctured tyre cannot be used. Like wise sinful human being cannot be used for anything that why God says “be filled with the Spirit” so that God can “accomplish” His will thru us Romans 15:18. This is the purpose that He wants us to be His temple.

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