‘Lord, I Am Drowning! Is This Your Cry To The Lord Today?”

12 01 2012

God's hands 1Greetings I bring to you my beloved friends around the globe in the name of Our Lord our Savior and Redeemer. My prayer for you today is that God will be your shield and buckler. God is your only Hope and Refuge in times of trouble.  God will deliver you out of all your troubles. God sees your tears and he will wipe it away. The joy of the Lord is your strength. Please do take time to read the rest of the article and be always blessed at all times.I still remember that phrase! “Lord, I am drowning, please save me Lord!”  Yes, my beloved friends. That cry went out to the Lord my God in 1991. I went through 7 years of desert experience. It was never an easy time for my family. All I ever knew was to call upon God. Things did not just work out overnight. I was the only one among my siblings that went through a lot of problems and sufferings. And truly to tell you that all the trials that were in my life made me into a very strong and a bold woman for God. I was totally a broken vessel of God. I was hit terribly by the storms of Life. But I still stood strong. From a weak person God built me up into a strong pillar. That is why today I still can stand and testify the miracles that happened in my life. I owe this to my late mum. My mum was the one that always told me to pray, pray and pray. She told me that Prayer Changes Things and that is absolutely right my friends. And I have passed this down to both my kids to pray whenever they face any kind of a problem.

In 2009, my beloved husband passed away. It was not easy to lose the head of the house. My husband too told me the same thing. Just two days before he passed away I told him this, “Darling, please do not leave me and go!” And do you know what was his reply, “Do not worry, God will take care of you!” And believe it or not from 2009 till today God took care of me and my kids. God was my defender. God was my Source and my Provider. It was really not easy for me to manage as a single mum.My God did not abandon me at any one time. Yes, God’s written promises , “that he will never abandon us not forsake us till the end of time, is all true!”God will always make a way when there seems to be no way. God sends help through his vessels to help his children. My prayers reached out to God in heaven. My cry came before him. God heard my cry among the millions. What a great and mighty God me and my household are serving.

Dearly beloved friends, are you crying out the same as I did? Many of us are in such a messed up situation. You do not know what to do at this time. You are drowning and drowning in your problems. You are seeking and finding out if there is anyone who will help you out. You may be drowning in your financial situation, your business is going down, you are not employed, a broken relationship, you are in a messed up relationship, you are addicted to so many things and you want to get out of that mess!.

Yes, my friends, God your Father is there. Go before him and cry unto Him. God will deliver you Today, believe me. God heard my cry and he will hear yours too. God will make a way for you too in the desert!. Do not doubt God. Seek God with all of your heart and you will see the deliverance of God in your life. When God can part the Red Sea for the children of Israel he will do it too for you! What is Impossible for you to do today God will make it Possible for you. God is attentive to your prayers. Hold on to God. God will draw you out from the trouble waters. God’s arm is never to short that he cannot save you.

My beloved friends, today come before the Lord with a heart of thanksgiving because God is going to do a miracle in your life. You will see the hand of the Lord at work in your life. You are a totally broken and wrecked vessel. God is going to raise you up in the eyes of many people who have looked down on you. The joy of the Lord will be your strength from today onwards and his glory will be your rear guard. Be a testimony and a true witness for God.  In everything commit yourself to God. May the peace of God  and the blessings of God the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit be ever with you and your family now and forever.

God Bless





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12 01 2012

The humbleness of the incarnate Son of God reaches our desperate situation as a rescue operation in our lives whenever we call for help. It always brings us not to that brim of despondency but leads us to devotion to adore his presence thru worship at the end of the saga.
Matthew 14:33. Be blessed.

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