“There Are Still Many Standing Outside The Eternal Gate! What Are We Doing About It? “

13 01 2012

Greetings I bring to you my beloved friends around the globe in the name of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. My prayer for you today is that you have a truly blessed day with your family and friends. May you ever be a blessing to those around you. God has blessed you to be a Blessing to others. May the Spirit of the Sovereign Lord always be upon you and direct you in the path of life according to God’s will. Be Blessed and Stay Blessed at all times.Dearly beloved friends, as we take a look at the above topic there are many of us who are believers. We are brought up in the way of the Lord’s teaching. We feed our body, soul and mind with the word of God daily. We take care of ourselves in all ways. We only mix and have fellowship with our own Christian brothers and sisters. We are so proud to call ourselves sons and daughters of God. We are so glad that we are believers and that we are the only ones that will get Salvation. We do all things to make sure that our family and friends who are believers are brought up in the Love and Fear of God. We do all things for ourselves. But have we as believers in Christ Jesus totally forgot about something that is very important?

Yes, we have! We have totally forgotten about those who do not know who Jesus Christ is. We have forgotten to bring the message to them that Jesus is the Only Eternal Gate to Heaven. Jesus Christ is their only Hope to Salvation. Jesus Christ is the Only Way, the Truth and the Life. Jesus Christ is the bearer of their sins. That through the blood of Jesus Christ they are cleansed from their sins. They are redeemed by their Redeemer. Jesus Christ is their ultimate Healer. Jesus Christ is the Good Shepherd that leads his people into the green pastures. We as believers have totally been ignorant in bringing the LOVE of Jesus Christ to these people who are still standing outside the Eternal gate of Heaven. People want Hope. 

What we do is that we sit inside the church and we do not want to go out to bring this message of LOVE about Jesus Christ to others. We want to hear the Word and keep it to ourselves. Freely you receive the Word freely you give it to the people. You received the Word of God free of charge so please do not put an amount to bring the Word to the people. We attend revival meetings to get ourselves revived but there are still many of them still standing outside the Eternal Gate. Are we not going to bring so people into the Eternal Gate? These people can be those who are poor, beggars on the road, drug addicts, those who have been abandon by their families, prostitutes and those cast away from the society that who do not want such people entering their church! Yes, believe me there are such believing Christians with that attitude. If you are in a church that has been built with so much amount of money and it looks so magnificent, we at times do not want people like this to come an occupy our church. We go out finding for the rich and famous who can bring in money to the church. Is this what Our Lord Jesus wants us to do?

Just take a look at the ministry of Our Lord Jesus Christ? Our Lord Jesus went out like a Shepherd looking for the lost sheep. Even though there are 99 of them he still went out searching for that 1 lost sheep. That 1 lost sheep mattered most than the 99 of them.Our Lord Jesus Christ brought that one lost sheep into His Eternal Gate. Jesus Christ did not sit within the Temple gates preaching the Word. He went out walking from village to village bringing the plan of Salvation to those who did not know God. Jesus Christ healed the sick, cast out demons and he even fed the multitude! Today, just think back have we ever fed one poor soul? I am not asking you to feed the multitude but just one mouth, is good enough! How Christian are we towards those who do not know Jesus Christ? Just think about it my beloved friends. The written word of God says that there will be great rejoicing in heaven over one soul that is saved today.

As a child of Jesus Christ and as his disciples, let us go out to bring the Word of God to those who have not known who Jesus Christ is? You may have lost the opportunity to bear witness about our Lord Jesus when you were given that opportunity. But it is never too late. You still have Today as long as it is call Today. May you not be questioned by the Lord Jesus Christ that why have you not introduced Him to those who wanted to know who he was! There are many souls out there that are perishing outside the Eternal Gate without knowing who the Savior and Deliverer is. I am not asking you to go and convert people into Christianity. That is not your work. It is the work of the Holy Spirit. In God’s time conversion will take place. Do not force people into Christianity. Your work is to draw people to the Eternal Gate that is Jesus Christ alone. Be like Jesus Christ in all ways. We are to portray all the character of Jesus Christ to the world out there. Whatever you do, do not do it in your own strength or flesh but rather depending on the Spirit of God to move you in the ministry God has put in you.Our responsibility is to bring the lost souls into the Eternal Gate of Heaven. Do everything genuinely and with the LOVE of Jesus Christ.

God Bless




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19 01 2012

Always be a outstanding christian to bring inn who are standing out.

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