“God = LOVE And LOVE = God”

14 01 2012

Greetings I bring to you my beloved friends in the name of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Dearly beloved friends, my prayer for you today is that the Love of God will reign and be in your hearts today. May the presence of God always dwell within your hearts and your home. May God’s Heavenly Blessing be upon you and your entire household. Stay Blessed and Be Blessed at all times.Faith, Hope and Love and the greatest of these three is LOVE. LOVE is equal to God and God is equal to LOVE. What is this LOVE that we are talking about today? What kind of a LOVE is this? Why am I comparing this LOVE with God? Yes, my beloved friends, we do all say that we have LOVE in our hearts but do we really have this LOVE of God in our hearts? Why does our Love differs from the LOVE of God? What is that special ingredient that makes up the LOVE of God? Do we as children of God need God’s LOVE to be within our hearts? Yes, we really do my beloved friends!

Dear friends, the special ingredient that makes up the LOVE of God is His unfailing LOVE for his children. God loves us till it hurts. God’s LOVE is unconditional. There is no condition put on the LOVE that God has for his children regardless of their race and religion. We are all made in the image of God. God created each and everyone  of us with special care. Before we are being put in our mothers womb with great care and concern God has embedded us in our mother’s womb. If you really take a good look at how a child is protected in his or her mothers womb then you will see the LOVE of God there. God makes sure that we are protected from all harm even when we are in our mothers womb.

That is one part of it friends. Now let me take you back to the book of Genesis. Here too we see the LOVE of God being displayed. God’s creation and everything that was created by God. God created everything with LOVE.  God even created man in His own image because of LOVE. God created man to have fellowship with Him. When man fell into sin, God did not destroy man. God could if he wanted to! In fact man disobeyed God. But still because God still loved man, he even made garments for Adam and Eve. God’s heart was broken by the sin that man committed because of being disobedient.

Friends, God still loved man. For that reason, God wanted to redeem man back. God had to do something. God sent His only son Jesus Christ to be born into the earth to redeem mankind from their sins. That was His Love for us. That was the Sacrificial LOVE that God had made for us! God sent his Son Jesus Christ to take the filth of the sins of this world upon himself because of His LOVE for each one of us! Have we ever thought about that, friends? God’s only begotten son Jesus Christ was condemned to the maximum because of our sins, the sins that we have committed knowingly and unknowingly. Yet, God still loves us till this day my friends. God was willing to give up his son Jesus Christ because we were the Reason. God wanted to deliver us and he wanted us to have full redemption from our sins. That is the LOVE that God has for each one of us. God’s LOVE was for all mankind. God,s only son Jesus Christ died on the cross not just for one nation but the whole world from the great enemy of sin and death. God sacrificed his Son Jesus Christ who was delivered to the fires of judgment in our place all because of His LOVE for us! God demonstrated His LOVE for all his children regardless of who they are.

God’s LOVE has no limit. God even forgives us of our sins and says that he will remember our sins no more. God’s LOVE is so unconditional. God could LOVE anyone regardless of who you are today! We see His LOVE towards those who are suffering. His LOVE towards the adulteress, the tax collector, the poor and the needy and those who were demon possessed. His LOVE for those who were outcast. So great was God’s LOVE towards his people. Have we ever stop to think about that my friends? Dearly beloved friends, today we as children of God are we able to have this LOVE of God in our hearts today? Are we able to bring the LOVE of God to those who do not know Him?  In the gospel of St John 21:15 onwards, Jesus said to Peter to “Feed my lambs” and to “Take care of my sheep.” Jesus asked Peter, “Do you really love me?” for three times! Today, my friends God is asking you and I today the same question that he asked Peter, “Do you really love me?” If we do really love God, then we will be doing the things that Jesus Christ our Lord has done. We will be able to love others with the LOVE of God which is known as the Agape LOVE! We will be able to forgive others who have hurt us. We will be able to have the heart for the poor and the needy. We will be able to Love others till it hurts. We will be able to love all mankind with the unconditional LOVE of God. We will be able to sacrifice for others more than ourselves and the most important thing that matters is to bring the LOVE of God to all who we meet Today. Introduce Jesus Christ to anyone that you meet today so that they will be saved. They are the lost sheep that God is asking us to seek and feed. Today is all that you have! May the LOVE of God ever dwell in your hearts both now and forever more. Love you all my beloved around the globe with the unfailing LOVE of GOD through Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior.

God Bless.





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19 01 2012

Additional food for ur thoughts

“To fall in love with God is the greastest of romance, to seek Him is the greastest adventure, to find Him is the greatest human achievment” St. Agustine.

“To love means to commit oneself without guarantee, to give oneself completely in the hope that our love will produce love in the loved person” Eric Fromn

“If we deny love that is given to us, if we refuse to give love because we fear pain or loss, than our lives will be empty, our loss greater” Anonymous.

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