“All Your Days Have Already Been Destined”

19 01 2012

Greetings I bring to you my beloved friends in the name of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. My prayer for you  today is that whatever you do or plan today let it be under the perfect will of God. May your days be flourish with God’s blessing from above. May you lack no good thing from God and may your household be under the protection of God Almighty. Do take time to read the rest of the article. Be Blessed and Stay Blessed always.Dearly beloved friends of mine, many of us today are so unsure of our life and destiny on this earth. We get so worried about so many things in life. We get ourselves so stressed out over so many things in life. We as believers do at times have this fear within us don’t we. We are at times really not sure where we are heading too. When we face troubles in our life we try to look for other sources in life. We tend to ask men who is only another creation of God to tell us what our future lies ahead. Believe me, even believers do go after such people. They spend their money by giving them sacrifices that they need. They do not mind spending so much money just to know what their future lies ahead.

Dearly beloved friends, do you know that all your days are ordained and written in the book of your Creator? Each one of them!( Psalm 139:16) Even before you were born and in your mothers womb God knew who you were.(Jeremiah 1:5) God saw your unformed body (Psalm 139:16). Your frame was not hidden from His sight when you were made in the secret place (Psalm 139:15). Yes, my friends! Nothing is absolutely hidden from His sight. So don’t you think that God knows everything about you and I from A to Z? Yet, we still wonder and worry about so many things in life. Things that concerns us. If we can just be confident and know that God is in total control of our life we will not have to worry about anything. You know why my friends? The reason is because all your days not part of them but all your days had already been written in the book of your Creator before one of them came to be. Your past, present and future is only in the hands of your Creator and no one! It is He who made you and He knows you too well to abandon you at any one time. God loves you and cares for you at all times. God will carry you through all the problems that you face in life. God will make a way for you today if you are in a situation and you think that there is no way out for you. Only believe that God is the only person that has total control over your life. In whatever you do, believe that your life is in God’s hand. He will guide you through this life.

Dearly beloved friends, whatever is going to happen to each one of us is already written in His book. Let us all not be dependent on our own strength to face each day by our own flesh but rather on the Spirit of God. All our days are already destined and no one can change that. We have to fit under the perfect will of God for things to take place in our life. And all it ever takes is just to Believe in God your Creator and all these things that concerns your life will be under the total care of God. Whatever you do commit yourself and all your plans to God and stay connected with your Creator daily to know His will upon your life and you will see how God carries you through your daily life. Be still and remember that he is God and all your days are written in His Book before each one came to be.

God Bless




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