“Is Your Voice Heard Today?” Still In Doubt?

20 01 2012

Greetings I bring to you my dearly beloved friends around the globe today in the name of Our Lord Jesus Christ our Only Redeemer and Deliverer. Dearly beloved friends, my prayer for you today in that God will sustain you and deliver you. God’s grace and mercy will abound more and more in your life. You will come to know God even more closer then you ever did my friends. God is ever willing to hear you but do you have the time to talk to Him today? Do read on the rest of the article and be ever blessed. Dearly beloved friends, in today’s world that we are living in it is really actually very difficult to hear God speaking to us. We in fact become spiritually deaf to all the noise that surrounds us daily. We only tend to hear the noise of the world that is actually of no use to us at all.  Friends, we as believers and children of the living God in fact must tune our spiritual ear to hear what God wants to tell us today. But again, because of the busy lifestyle and agenda that we have in our daily life, it makes it so difficult to even spend 10 minutes with God. God our Father is always there for each and every one of us 24/7 daily. You need not make any appointment to speak with the Creator of the whole Universe. We do at times make appointments if we want to meet someone to get some urgent things done but they really never entertain you. Your appointments on urgent matters will be delayed. But not so with God! In the written word of God in the book of Proverbs 22:23 it says, ” For the Lord will take up their case and will plunder those who plunder them and in Proverbs 23:11, “For their Defender is strong, he will take up their case.”

Dearly beloveds, at times we do wonder right if our voice is ever heard before God? Many of us are still living in doubt even though we are so called believers. We are in doubt if God ever hears our voice. Does God hear our voice? Yes, He absolutely does. The written word of God is true. God hears the cry and plea of his people and we are His.  If God can hear the cry of the children of Israel don’t you think that God is able to hear you? God heard the cry of Hagar the Egyptian slave woman who bore Ishmael to Abraham! God will hear you too. Are you still in doubt? Friends, we are serving a Living God. The God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. The God of the past, present and future, keep that in mind always. The written word of God in the Bible does not lie. Every word of God is inspired by the Holy Spirit  and it is the truth and it is alive till today.

Dearly beloved friends, God hears our voice practically through out the day. You can knock at the heart of God at anytime of the day and he is always there for you. Call unto him with all of your heart and he will answer you from his dwelling place. God is there for us at anytime of the day but the question here is are we seeking God at all times? God sees your silent cry and he hears you. God is there beside you at all times. The written word of God says that God sees from his dwelling place if there is any who seeks him. So do not doubt if God ever hears your voice or your cry unto him? He does. Today God Our Father is telling you personally that he has heard your silent cry among the millions and he will deliver you. With a heart of thanksgiving give thanks to God that he has already heard you and God will deliver you my friends. Believe me my dearly beloved friends in Christ Jesus. You can never ever find a FRIEND such as JESUS who will be with you through all the trials and temptation that you are currently facing. The Joy of the Lord is your strength and His glory will be your rear guard.

God Bless





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21 01 2012

Our God is such a Great God who says in Isaiah 65:24″Before they call I will answer; while they are yet speaking I Will hear” cling to such a merciful God.

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