“How Important Is Our Daily Bread To Each One Of Us”

24 01 2012

Greetings I bring to you my beloved friends around the globe in the name of Our Lord Jesus Christ Our Savior, Redeemer and Deliverer. My prayer for each of you my friends is that God’s divine protection will always be with you and your family. God’s grace and mercy shall ever be in your house. I thank God daily for each one of you my friends because each one of you have become my encourager. Continue to read the rest of the article and Stay Blessed at all times.

Dear beloved friends, as we take a look around the globe, we see so many people starving for food. We all need food my friends. Have you ever tried going without food for the whole day? Many of us really cannot stand hunger right? I am one of those who really cannot stand hunger. I need my daily food to keep my body nourished and full and so it is with you too my friends. We all do need our daily food for our body. If we take a look around the globe we do see people starving and how is their physical body structure. So, we do need our daily earthly food. It is indeed an important source to all of us to keep our physical body in tact.

Dearly beloved friends, we do make sure that we have all our important meals for that day and we thank God and give grace each time we have our daily food. But as believers do we give importance to our Daily Bread Of Life? We too need this daily bread to keep us spiritually fit in body, mind and spirit. We give first importance to the worldly food but not to the Daily Bread of Life! Are we as believers feeding our bodies with this spiritual daily bread? It is the Word of God! Do we see this daily bread of life as the important meals in our present life today? Many of us spend so much time eating the worldly food. We even take our friends out to spend them this worldly food. But have we ever brought this daily bread of life to any of our friends who do not know that Jesus is the Bread of Life? We spend money to feed our friends with the worldly food but the Bread of Life is completely FREE OF CHARGE! Think about it my friends!

Why is it that we need this Daily Bread of Life? This Bread of Life gives us life in fact. It keeps us to be always on the alert against the devil’s plan against the children of God. As believers we all do need this daily bread of Life to keep our spirit, soul and body in tact. In fact the more we digest the word of God daily it becomes a spiritual nourishment to our spirit, soul and body. It becomes as a source of defense protecting our body against sickness and diseases. The Daily Bread of God beautifies a person from inside out. With this Daily Bread of Life within us, we do not need to be afraid of anything because the Word of God is within us. We can stand against anything that comes against us. Believe me my beloved friends. 

Dearly beloved friends, the written word of God in the Book of Joshua in the Old Testament says that we will be prosperous and successful in everything that we do. As it is written  in Joshua 1:18, “Do not let this Book of the Law depart from your mouth; meditate on it day and night, so that you may be careful to do everything written in it. Then you will be prosperous and successful.” Yes, we are to daily meditate the word of God day and night as our Daily Bread. We need this Daily Bread of Life not only on a Sunday service but also Everyday in our daily walk of life. We need Jesus Christ in our daily lives and not only when we are in trouble! With this daily bread of Life we build up our inner man where else the worldly daily bread only builds up the outer man. It is important as believers to build up our Spiritual Inner man rather than the Physical Outer man. Give a thought on this my friends! 

Dearly beloved friends, remember we do not wage war against flesh and blood but we wage war against every spirit of darkness in the heavenly realms. That is why we need the word of God that is Our Daily Bread of Life to be within each believer. You and I cannot fight against the spirit of darkness if our Inner Spiritual man is not fed with the word of God. You and I cannot fight with the spirit of darkness with our Physical Outer man. We will lose the battle. Remember that the evil one knows the Scripture well more than us believers. The word of God is your only weapon against the evil one. How well you know the word of God and the Faith and believe in the word of God, that will make the evil one flee from you! Nothing can stand against you when you have the word of God that is the Daily Bread of Life within you. Only through the word of God, Jesus Christ is within us. So we need to digest the Word of God daily to walk in our daily life. If you have not done it my beloved friends, open up your BIBLE and every written word of God will be alive to you and it will speak to you. You need this Daily Bread in your Life to experience it!

God Bless





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26 01 2012

Know JESUS CHRIST is Living Bread of life
Read that in the BIBLE about that Living Bread of life
Get the Living Bread of life daily thru PRAYER which will keep u alive forever.

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