“Bringing The Word Of Life Unto Others Because We Love Them”

28 01 2012

Greetings I bring to you my beloved friends around the globe in the name of Our Lord Jesus Christ Our Savior, Redeemer and Deliverer. My prayer for you today my friends is that you excel in all good things according to the perfect will of God. Whatever you have plan or decided to do, seek the counsel of the Most High God. I pray that you do not make hasty decisions in your life but bringing all your plans and what you intend to do and surrender it all to God. All your days have already been ordained in God’s book before one of them came to be. Continue to read the rest of the article and Be Blessed at all times.Dearly beloved friends, it is such great joy for me every morning to get up and know that God has indeed given me another day to be with you my friends. It is a joy and a great blessing for me to bring the Word of God and the Love of God to all mankind regardless of who you are my friends. We are all indeed children of God, but many of us have swayed to different directions. We have taken the wrong direction in our life and do not know how to come back. But God is still good my friends and He loves you so much just to let you ruin your life.  There are many of you my friends around the globe who still feel that you lack something very important in you life. You may have all the wealth and riches of this world, but you still lack one thing in your life and that is your Salvation. Remember that the worldly things that we acquire in this world are all temporary. It is not going to give you Salvation. Salvation is only through One person and that One person is Jesus Christ your personal Savior who became the sacrifice for you on the cross for your sins and also for the sins of all mankind.

Dearly beloved friends, my burden every morning is that everyone should get Salvation. It is selfish of me only to know who Jesus Christ is and not reveal Him to you my friends! It will be selfish of me to know that only my family and those who know about Jesus Christ are saved. What about the rest of them around the world who are not saved? Salvation is for everyone because we are all children of God. A very close friend  of mine asked me this question yesterday and in fact the burden is still within me. He asked me, “How will God judge the people who had not heard the Gospel?” How many people Today have heard the Gospel of Jesus Christ my friends? Are all being saved? These are the four things that he asked me: 1)Children who died in infancy and those mentally unable to respond to the gospel, 2) those who live prior to the time of Jesus Christ and thus before the formulation known as the”gospel” 3) those who have been presented with a less then adequate version of the gospel 4) Those who have not received a presentation of the gospel,such as because they lived in a geographically remote area?Friends, does this bother you as well? Jesus Christ the Good Shepherd who had the heart for the people went after the lost sheep. The Lost Sheep are the people who have strayed away. Jesus did not come for the righteous but for the unrighteous. Are we just going to be selfish and be ignorant about them? Who is to be blame for not bringing the gospel of Jesus Christ unto others who do not know Him where else we know who Jesus Christ really is? Let us not be held accountable for not bringing the knowledge and the Gift of Salvation of Jesus Christ when we had the opportunity to do so!

Dearly beloved friends, in the written word of God in the gospel of St Matthew, Jesus Christ said, “Love thy neighbour as thy self!” What do you think it meant my friends? It is not loving those who are believers only but to love our neighbour who is of a different faith! What difference does it make if we can only love our own kind? What about those who do not know who Jesus Christ is?  In Psalm 1 as it is written,”Blessed is the man who does not walk in the counsel of the wicked or stand in the way of sinners or sit in the seat of mockers!” Jesus Christ did walk in the counsel of the wicked and he did stand in the way of sinners and he did too sat in the seat of mockers!  What was Jesus accused of in Matthew 9:10-11 and Matthew 11:19? Jesus Christ was accused many times by the Pharisees and the Teachers of the Law as a friend of tax collectors and sinners who spend a lot of time with them.But even though Jesus Christ spend a lot of time with the sinners and tax collectors,His presence brought Light and Redemption (Salvation) in those dark places and lives. They believed in Him and they did received Salvation.We as His children and disciples or as followers of Jesus Christ, are we following in the step of our Lord in bringing the gospel of Salvation to those who are perishing without knowing their Savior and Redeemer?

Dearly beloved friends, we who are believers are to bring the gospel to all who we meet today. Tell them how Jesus gave you Salvation and how He died for your sins and also for the sins of others. That Jesus is a friend to the sinners. That His reason of being crucified is for the sinners and not for the righteous. There is HOPE in Jesus Christ to save them. Salvation is Free to all who believe that Jesus Christ is the Only Way that their sins will be washed away. You do your part in bringing the Love of God to those who do not know the Lord Jesus and the Holy Spirit will know how to convict the hearts of these people. Just do not be accountable for their blood to be upon us because when you had the chance to evangelize about Jesus Christ you did not take the opportunity to do so. But if you and I had brought the knowledge and Love of God to those who did not know about Jesus Christ then we are free from that guilt. “He who has ears let him listen and work out his or her Salvation to be saved!” 

Dearly beloved friends, this is also my call to you today my dear ones if you did not know who Jesus Christ really is! Where ever you may be around this globe my heartfelt burden is for you my friend that you will somehow come to know that Jesus Christ is your personal Savior and he paid your debts on the Cross in Calvary 2000 years ago. The Invitation of Salvation is open to all. The decision is still left in your hands my beloved friends. Love you all with the Love of Our Lord Jesus Christ. 

God Bless





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