“To Forgive Or Not To Forgive”

29 01 2012

Greetings I bring to you my beloved friends around the globe in the name of Our Lord Jesus Christ Our Savior, Redeemer and Deliverer. My prayer for you today is that God will give you the grace to forgive those who have hurt you in thoughts, words and action.May you continue to grow in the grace of God daily. Do read on the rest of the article and Be Blessed at all times.Dearly beloved friends, how often do many of us carry our hurts and bitterness  within us. It can be the hurt that you have been carrying for umpteen years until even today. Some of us are born Christians and believers and yet there are some of us who still carry this hurt, revenge and bitterness within us.  Some have even carried it with them into their graves having no peace at all. Is it worth it my friends? Yet, we do still call ourselves as children of God and believers in Christ Jesus. I am not saying this to get any one offended but that we will have the grace of God to forgive those who have hurt us in many ways that till today it can never be erased from our minds. Beloved friends, if we are to be called believers and children of God, are we not to follow the example of Jesus Christ who forgave the people that was involved in His crucifixion?

Beloved friends, it is in fact never easy to be called as a Christian because if you are true believers in Christ Jesus, you will be able to forgive those who have hurt you through their action, words and even their thoughts! It is indeed easy to say that we are believers but we find it difficult at times to Forgive others of all their wrong doings towards us. Yes, it is never ever easy. You may tell me that I have never gone through such hurts! Trust me my friends, I have been hurt and back stabbed many times by those whom I trust fully. I was even betrayed by many of my friends. Yes, it does hurt when the people you least expect to hurt you, they are the ones that will hurt you the most. They even betray you with a Judas Kiss! I believe many of us have gone through similar situations along our lives. But what are we going to do with it my friends? Are we still going to carry all these hurts with us for many more years to come? What if you are called home today and there are people in your lives that you have not forgiven? Are you going to carry the hurts with you into your grave? Just give a thought about that my dear ones!

Dearly beloved friends, being the children of God and believers do you not think that it is already time for us to forgive one another and to live in peace with each other?Our Lord Jesus Christ did it on the cross at Calvary! Jesus Christ cried out to His Father in Heaven to forgive those who have humiliated, tortured, disgraced him and even mocked him! Our Lord Jesus was able to forgive his transgressors? Why can’t we do the same? Forgiving someone in fact brings healing unto our spirit,soul and body.The act of Forgiving others is for our own benefit that we do not lose the blessings from God. Remember the Lord’s Prayer? “Forgive our sins as we forgive those who have sinned against us, Lord!” Unless we forgive our debtors our sins will not be forgiven my friends. It is clearly stated in the Lords Prayer! We all do say the Lords Prayer daily, don’t we? Don’t you ever feel the guilt within you when you come to the part that we are to forgive others then only our own sins will be forgiven? Yes, we do all feel the guilt but we just want to be ignorant about it my friends!

Dearly beloved friends, let us as children of God today take this stand in our life to Forgive others as the Lord has Forgiven our sins. Remember that as long as you have not forgiven others your sins too are neither forgiven. This is the Truth! So my friends, if we want inner healing we will have to ask God to give us the grace to be able to Forgive others. You cannot do it in your own flesh. You need the spiritual help from the Holy Spirit to lead you into Forgiving others and you will just see how relieved you are! Keep your ego aside and move forward. You are not going to lose anything but you will see yourself receiving the blessings from God. Do not let your Unforgiving heart be a hindrance to God’s Blessing upon your life. The choice is in your hands my friends, to Forgive or Not to Forgive? Have a Blessed Sunday.

God Bless





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