“In FEAR Every Passing Day?”

30 01 2012

Shaloam, I bring to you my beloved friends around the globe in the name of Our Lord Jesus Christ our Savior, Deliverer and Redeemer. My heartfelt prayer for each one of you my friends is that you will ever put your trust and confidence in God your Maker and Creator. That God’s Love will reign daily in your hearts and that all your short comings will be met. That God will grant you His Grace to continue life’s journey. Continue to read the rest of the article and Be Blessed and Stay Blessed at all times my loved ones.

Dearly beloved friends, how many of us today have got up from our sleep and thanked God for giving us another New day to carry on the things that we need to do? How thankful have  we been to see that we are still given another day or I may say another chance given to us. There are so many things that we feel are unfinished or not completed yet!  Some of us are daily living in this kind of a spirit called “Fear!” We live in total Fear mostly everyday in our daily life. If we see the situations and circumstances surrounding us, we become so Fearful and we bring this spirit of Fear within us!  Dearly beloveds, remember that God does not put the spirit of Fear within us. It is the evil one that puts it within us. It makes us to become so fearful as each passing day approaches.  In 2 Timothy 1:7 as it is written, “God has not given us a spirit of fear, but has given us a spirit of Love, Power and of a Sound mind!” But still many of us as believers are still living in Fear!

Dearly beloved friends, as children of the Living God we still have this fear within us because of the many things that we have put our fear in. We as believers fear because we have really not comprehended and have no Faith in the written Word of God! The reason is because we do not want to put our trust fully that God will be with each of us to guide and lead us through each passing day. We become so depressed and all tensed up because we live in Fear that we have to face so many of life’s problem each day. Remember that by living in fear it is unhealthy for our body. We bring sicknesses and mental stress upon ourselves! Is it really worth it to stress out ourselves like this?

Dearly beloveds, at times it is so easy for us to put our trust in men rather than God! We find it so difficult to Trust God in all our daily matters. Whether it is a big or a small matter, understand that God cares daily for us as we put our Trust in Him. It can be a family matter, a business transaction, a relationship, your health, your children, your financial situation,furthering your education, fear of losing a love one and many more things that brings fear unto us! What we as believers have to understand here is that we have to have this confidence that “God is in control of Our daily Life. Be Still and know that He is God!’ If we can have this confidence and Trust in Our Living God, we should not let this Spirit of Fear come into our lives and take away our Peace! If we can but only put our trust in God, You and I will be Conquerors over so many things but we choose to be Weak people even though we have Our Creator with us! Remember that all the battles that is within us is not our own battle. “Our battle belongs to God and Victory is ours!” The problem with us is that we just find it too difficult to Trust God with every thing that concerns us. Our concern is God’s concern. God wants us to live our daily life in Peace by just casting all your daily burdens upon Him. Is that ever too difficult for us to do?

Dearly beloved friends, in everything commit all your works, deeds and thoughts to God. The more we live in Fear the more we are under the clutches of the devil. There will never be a break through in your life if you are going to start fearing every little thing. It is time to break that spirit of fear that is within you. Greater is He that is within you than of he who is of this world. So stop fearing and put your whole Trust in God and believe in Him only, that in whatever situation you are in today, God will make a way for you when you think that there is no way out at all. God is telling you personally today “Fear Not My Child” I am with you till the end of time. Everything that concerns you is my concern so STOP living in FEAR! Trust Me and come to Me with all your Heart.

God Bless





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