“Are Your Problems So Big That God Cannot Solve Them?”

3 02 2012

Shalom and greetings to you my beloved friends around the globe in the name of Our Lord Jesus Christ our Savior, Redeemer and Deliverer. My prayer for you today is that you surrender yourselves fully to God because He cares for you. Surrender everything unto the Lord and see the deliverance of God in your life! You will have to surrender to see Him work in your life. Continue to read the rest of the article and Be Blessed at all times.Dearly beloved friends, it is a blessing for me to bring this Good News to you and your household. Know that God works out every good thing for us and He holds no good things back from us. At times we do wonder if God can ever solve all our daily problems? Is there anything too hard that God cannot do for you my friends? Is anything too hard for God to solve regarding our matters? Remember our matter, matters the most to Him. The big problem here is that we are too afraid to let go of all our problems. In the written word of God in the New Testament, Jesus Christ said, “Cast all your burdens unto me and I will carry it for you!” But too often we do not want to cast all our burdens unto the Lord. When we go to church, we want to unload our burdens in church. But right after church, we want to carry it back all home. We find it so difficult to Trust god with all our daily problems. We feel we do not want to burden God. Your problem is not a burden to God and neither are you a burden to God. God loves you just too much to see you struggling with your daily problems.

Dearly beloved friends, if you are still thinking that your problems are too big that God cannot solve them, why don’t you just give Him a chance to handle all your problems? The problems that you and I are facing today is very, very small in the eyes of Our Creator. At times we do think how are we going to handle life’s daily problem and we sit and get ourselves worried about it. What do you get my friends by worrying? Through our journey of life, remember that the path is not always smooth. We need to pass through different kinds of pathways. Some may be smooth, some maybe rocky, some may be hilly, some may be steep and some may even be very narrow or broad path. This is life’s journey and everyone has to go through this journey of life! Whatever you are going through today, be able to surrender all things into the hands of God. God knows how to handle your situation and your problems. Do not lean on your own understanding and in your own flesh.

Dearly beloved friends, as long as we do not submit and surrender ourselves to God, it is really impossible for God to work in your life.“Nothing is too difficult for the Lord that He cannot deliver you from all your troubles!” God is your refuge and strength in times of trouble. Call upon Him and He will answer you from his Holy dwelling. Be Still and know that He is the God of the Universe. You are God’s creation and He knows how much you can take. So, be of good courage at all times. Remember that you and I are serving a Living God. A God that could rebuke the Storms and it calmed down. Do you not think that God could do the same in your life? If God could care so much about the birds in the air and the beast in the fields are you not more precious in the sight of God?

Dear friends, are you going though a financial constraint, an illness, a broken relationship or a unhealthy relationship, problems at work, unemployed, addicted to drugs, loss of a loved one, misunderstanding between husband and wife, parents and children, deciding on a divorce and many more problems that are within you my friends! These are all minor problems in the sight of God. Just come before the Lord and lay all your burdens at His feet and see how God delivers you from all these problems. God will make a way for you when you think that  there is no way out at all.God is a Specialist at handling problems such as these! I believe that God will deliver you from all your trouble because He delivered me too. If you believe and have faith that God will do it for you, then surrender all your burdens unto the Lord. God will deliver and carry you through all your problems. Only Believe and it will be done.

God Bless.




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