“Never Give Up On God Because God Never Ever Gave Up On You!”

4 02 2012

Shalom and greetings I bring to you my beloved friends in the name of Our Lord Jesus Christ our Savior, Redeemer and Deliverer. My prayer for you today my dear friends is that in every circumstances and situation that you are undergoing at the moment, never ever give up on God. God did not ever give up on you and I till the end. Continue to read the rest of the article to see the Love that God has for you. Stay blessed and Be blessed at all times.Dearly beloved friends around the globe. It is my pleasure to bring the word of God to you my beloved ones. Today many of you may be on the verge of attempting to do something very foolish in your life. Believe me, “It is not worth it!”  Whatever you are about to do, Stop! There is always a light at the end of the tunnel. You may think that everyone has given up hope on you and that God himself has given up on you. Maybe you are right when you say that people have given up their Hope on you, but God has not given up on you at all!Be assured of this. You are the apple of His eye. How could you ever think that God will ever give up on you? You can give up on anything but never ever give up on God because God did not give up on you till the point of His death!

Dearly beloved friends, God has never given up on you because He has sent His only Son Jesus Christ into this world to become your Savior. Jesus Christ came to the earth to save you and I and all the rest. Jesus Christ came to save the world and not to condemned it. Jesus Christ did not come to condemn you but came to save you in your sins.  God sent Jesus Christ to become your Redeemer that you may live.Jesus Christ came to redeemed you from your slavery of sins. Jesus Christ does not want you to be chained in your sins. Jesus Christ came to redeem you not by gold or silver but by His very own blood shed at the Cross in Calvary 2000 years ago. God sent Jesus Christ to be your Deliverer to deliver you from all your sins and weaknesses. God knows all our weaknesses and He understands us well. God sent Jesus Christ to deliver us from the clutches of the evil One so that you and I may be set free. God sent Jesus Christ to be our only healer to heal us from all of diseases and infirmities. By His word we are made clean and we are healed. God sent Jesus Christ to be our Sin bearer to bear our sins and also the sins of the world. The sins that Jesus Christ did not commit at ll. All our sine were on His back. God sent Jesus Christ to be our Curse. All our generation curses were on top of his head in the form of a thorny crown. Jesus Christ took away all our generation curses by the crown full of thorns upon His head.  God sent Jesus Christ to become our Shepherd to lead us in the path of righteousness for His own name sake. Jesus Christ is the Good Shepherd that will go finding for even one lost sheep living the 99 behind Him. That costly you are to Him.So my dearly beloved friends, do you think that God will ever give up on you at any one time?

Dearly beloved friends, today if you are in the situation of giving up on God because you have lost hope,  pause for a while and know that God loves you just the way you are even though you are a sinner in His sight. We were the reason that God came down to earth in the form of His son Jesus Christ.Everyone and everything will give up on you, but God will never ever give up on you till the end of time. You are too precious in His sight just to see you getting destroyed and perishing in your sins! Be of good courage and of good spirit and know that God will never ever abandon you in times of need and when you are totally confused and messed up. He is the God that lives and will reign in our hearts for ever and ever.

God Bless





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