“Have We Brought Others To TasteThe Goodness Of Knowing God!”

6 02 2012

Shalom and greetings I bring to you my dearly beloved friends in the name of Our Lord Jesus Christ Our Savior, Redeemer and Deliverer. My prayer for you today is that you may draw even more closer to God to experience His love, grace and mercy towards you. You and your whole household are always protected under God’s divine protection. God watches over you day and night. Do continue to read the rest of the article and be truly Blessed in all things.Dearly beloved friends around the globe, wherever you are be assured that God is always with you. You may be far away from your families because of your job or you may be furthering your studies in a different country. In everything God is good. My favorite saying, “God is good all the time and All the time God is good!” God has always been good to us at all times. Never at any one time God has ever left us to defend for ourselves. It is we who are always ignorant about His goodness and His presence in our daily life. We tend to forget that God is in total control over our lives today. Many of us may not have tasted the goodness of God in our life because we are so busy seeking other things rather than God. We make so much time for the worldly things that surrounds each and everyone of us today!

Dearly beloved friends, the thing I love to do best in my life is to eat. I love eating. I will also introduce my family and friends to places where I feel that the food is worth eating because it really taste good. Unless I myself taste the food only can I invite or draw others to taste the food, right? I know that there are many of you out there who are like me and loves eating! See the fish on the plate there! It really taste good because I have tasted it and it only nourishes my body not my soul! I have tasted the Lord too, and I want others to taste Him too and see the goodness in Him.Tasting the Lord and knowing Him will nourish our souls and you will lack no good thing! Likewise as we draw or invite others to taste the best food in life, how many of us today have called or invited our friends to Taste and see that the Lord is good? At times we think twice if we really want them to taste and see who Jesus really is! We are in fear that when we bring  the knowledge of Jesus Christ to our non believing friends, we might lose our friendship with them. Friends, if we really love our non believing friends, we need them to taste and see that the Lord is good!  We display a variety of delicious food and we want them to taste and feel how good the food taste, right?  Only when they taste the food will they know how good it tastes.We are only introducing to them the worldly food but not the Source of spiritual food. Which is more important, the worldly food for the body or the Source of the spiritual food that will save their souls?

Dearly beloved friends in Christ Jesus, we all have a mission to do on this earth. We are put on this earth for a reason and that reason is that we have to save souls that are perishing without knowing who Jesus Christ is! We are to draw them closer to God that they will be saved. This is God’s will upon our life, you and I are called for this mission! Are we answering to that call? We will be held accountable for not saving the lost souls. There are many souls in hunger and in thirst for God’s Salvation but are we reaching out to them? Do not lose or overlook the opportunity that you are given today to save that one soul that is in front of your very eyes. It could be your neighbor, your working colleague or even your best friend who is a non believer! In fact I am suppose to write a different article today, but I strongly believe that God wants me to pass this message so that you my friends will have the burden for the lost souls perishing out there in this big wide world of ours. Pray and ask God to send His Holy Spirit to lead you to one lost soul out there and how to minister to this soul. Do not do it in your own flesh or strength but rely on the help and power of the Holy Spirit to guide you, my beloved friends. This is all that I can say for now till God gives me another day to be with you my beloved friends. If you are in need of any prayer request, do feel free to write to me and I will pray for you my beloved ones. This is my email add: jasminechelliah@gmail.com

Have A Blessed Week Ahead With Jesus Christ Our Lord

God Bless





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