“God Is Speaking To You Through His Word Today!’

7 02 2012

Shalom and greetings I bring to you my beloved friends in the name of Our Lord Jesus Christ Our Savior, Redeemer and Deliverer. My prayer for you today my dearly beloved friends is that whatever you are asking God in prayer today according to His will, it will be given unto you. No good things does God with hold from those who love Him. And when you ask, believe and with a heart of thanksgiving thank Him. Continue to read the rest of the article and Be Blessed.Dearly beloved friends, with a heart of thanksgiving I thank God for giving me another day to be with you my beloved friends. Many of us today as believers live in a very busy world with all our own agendas. At times we find it so hard to get away from this busy world. If you really see much of our time are taken for things that are more to the world. We find it so hard and difficult to find time to spend with God. It does not become a daily affair for us to have a personal time day to day with God. What we most often think is that, we are already attending church on a Sunday and that is good enough for us. We feel that we only need to talk to God on Sundays and that is good enough! But what about the remaining six days my beloved friends? God our Father needs to talk to us everyday that is why He created us in the first place to have fellowship with Him daily. We all as children of God need to be connected with God 24/7 daily.But we hardly do it right? We will only want to seek God in times when we are in deep trouble and in time of sickness and when our dear ones are departed from us.

Dear friends, today many our us are so in tune with the outside world that at times we find it so difficult to hear God speaking to us. God speaks to us everyday and not only on Sunday’s. There are so many things that God wants to reveal to His children but the problem is that we are not ready to spend our time with God and incline our ears to His sayings. At times we say that God is taking time to answer us, but is it really that God is taking time or are we not taking the time to spend time to hear God speak to us? God waits for us to talk to Him in prayer and He listens but we too often only want to talk to Him on a Sunday or when we are hit with the storms in our life. So we cannot blame God when things get delayed. Please do not get mistaken that I am telling you to spend all the time you have with God. God understands each and everyone of us. But let us not let the things of this world take most of our time off from God. 

Dearly beloved friends, God speaks to us in many ways and one of them is through His word that is the Word of God from the BIBLE. God makes His presence known to us through His Word. God gives us comfort through His Word. His healing through His Word. That is why it is written that through His Words we are made healed. To know God and to understand God we really need to spend quality time with God. Time spent with God is Time well spent. God is always there waiting for us call upon Him and to knock at Heavens door. Friends, today many of you may be somewhat struggling in some way or another over a personal matter or things that you need to tell God today. God sees everything in you and He is waiting for you to talk to Him today. God has solutions to your problems. God has plans to prosper you in everything. How are we going to know the plans that God has for each one of His children when we do not spend time to talk to Him in prayer?

Even Today God is telling you personally, I have Time to listen to you but do you have time to talk to Me? Think about it my beloved friends. Your answers are all there right before you when you start spending time talking to God and reading and meditating on His Word day and night! God has never turned anyone away who comes before Him in Faith because He loves You just too much my friends!

God Bless





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7 02 2012

Christianity is not sunday only experiencing of God at his feet in Church. But having a “HEART” like Mary (experiencing God reading his word daily hearing him speaking to you Lk 10:39 ) and having a “HAND” like Martha Lk 10:40 working for God the rest of the days in a week.

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