“Hiding From God!” Yet God Still Loves You And Comes Finding For You!

9 02 2012

Shalom and greetings I bring to you by beloved friends in the name of Our Lord Jesus Christ our Savior,Redeemer and Deliverer. My heartfelt prayer for you today is that you will see the transforming of your old self into a new creation today. God has chosen to speak to you today through this message that I am about to write. Continue to read the rest of the article and see what God has in store for you my beloved friends.Stay Blessed at all times.Dearly beloved friends of mine around the globe, I am indeed glad that I am able to bring the word of God to you today my dear ones. Aren’t you glad that you are given another day to dwell in the beauty of God’s presence? Be thankful at all times in whatever situation or circumstances that you are in today. You only have today to do whatever you got to do. Tomorrow is not destined to anyone of us. Neither you nor I know what is going to happen the very next minute in our life. The future does not lie in the hands of men but God. Every single detail about you and I are right in front of God’s eyes! Remember all our days have already been ordained before each one of them came to be. That is why we have to be very careful that we do not walk or take the wrong path in our life. You have been asking God so many things and yet there is no reply. But today, God is asking you to be wise in all things that you do.

Dearly beloved friends, many of us out there have gone in wrong paths in our life. We have taken the road that is wide that had led many of us into the darkness and problems that many of us are facing today. We never wanted to take the narrow road because it was too difficult for us to move on in our journey. We wanted to take the easy way out in our life. That is why today many of us out there are caught in bribery, corruption, debauchery, orgies, murder, rape, abuse, addict to drugs, alcoholic and many more things that we do that have made us to hide ourselves from God and the society. Yes, we can hide from the people and the surrounding society but can we really Hide from God? Wherever you are hiding God sees you, my friends! You can never ever hide from God. God sees you hiding in the darkest place away from the family and society that has cast you away because of the condition you are in Today.But today, God is telling you that He loves you and you are the reason that God send His only Son Jesus Christ to come and save those who have fallen away from the word and the Light and living in total darkness. God sent Jesus Christ the Good Shepherd to come searching for the lost sheep. God knows your weakness and He will never ever deny you when you come before God in total repentance. God loves you just too much to reject or cast you away from His presence.

Dearly beloved friends, whichever corner of the world that you are hiding in today, God is telling you and inviting you to come before Him. God is telling you today that He will remove your dirty garments and clothe you with new clean ones. In the Lord Jesus you are washed and cleanse by His precious Blood. God does not want any sacrifices to be brought by you, all He ever wants is that you offer yourselves as Living sacrifices unto the Lord. That is all that is required from you my friends! The world may not want to have Fellowship with you but God does. That is the reason He created you and I. God wants to break every bondage of the evil one upon your life. So great is Our God. There is none like Him my friends. God sacrificed His only Son Jesus Christ that through the shedding of His blood we will be saved from our sins. Today you will be saved from all your sins if you come before God in repentance and believe that He came to save you from the clutches of Satan. Believe and be saved. In Christ you are a New creation the Old has gone. You are a new person in Christ Jesus if you believe. This invitation is for you today my beloved friends. God loves the Sinners and the outcast. The choice is yours today if you want to accept this invitation to Salvation.

God Bless





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