“Have You Got Enough Love To Share It With Someone Who Really Needs It?”

12 02 2012

Shalom and greetings I bring to you my beloved friends around the globe today in the name of Our Lord Jesus Christ our Savior, Redeemer and Deliverer. My prayer for each and everyone of you today is that your heart will abound in the fullness of the Love of God. May you bring love to one soul out there regardless of from what background, race or religion they come from. Do take time to read the rest of the article and be a truly Blessed child of God. Stay Blessed and Be Blessed at all times.Dearly beloved friends, have you ever experienced the situation of not being loved? It is really painful to think that the people that you think the most who will love you will one day abandon you and never ever turn to come back to you! You are left all alone without being Love. Do you know what today’s world need my beloved friends? Just take a look around you and you will really know what the world that we are living in is lacking? We see famine and war in countries. Children being left as orphans because of all our selfish desire. They are people living in poverty and some do not even have a decent meal for that day.people are without clothes and they are dying naked with no one to clothe them. Some are living in darkness and some have become slaves unto others. We deprived others of their freedom. People are living in loneliness and in sickness. People are thirsty and yet we deny them even a glass of plain water.it is happening around the world. Look at your own surroundings and you will clearly know what I am talking about. Do not ever be ignorant and shut your eyes away from such people because this might happen to you one fine day!

Dearly beloved friends, what the present world needs today is LOVE, LOVE and LOVE………and yet people have been so ignorant about this little word of love that has much Power in it. Faith, Hope and Love and among these three Love excels and abound in it to the fullest of its measure. The same measure you put to love others the same measure will be measured back to you. Dear friends, how many of us here today around the globe still has some Love that we can share it with someone who is longing for that kind of a Love. I am talking about the Agape Love that is the Love of God towards His people. How many of us today are able to love others without seeing creed, race and religion? How sincere are we in loving towards those who really need our Agape Love that is also called as the godly love. We need to love all mankind and humanity. You and I can bring the colors of Life into someones heart today.

Dearly beloved friends, have you enough love to share it with someone  who really needs it today? Are you able to step out of your church to go and visit those who are put in the Old Folks Home, the Orphanage, the Handicapped and the Disabled people? There are many parents thrown and left at Private and government shelter homes! I wonder the feelings of such people around the globe. Are we generous enough to show some Love  to those who  are around us Today? God loved us so much and as such we are to love others back unconditionally. That was the Love of our Father in Heaven. He loved each one of us with an unconditional love and we are to do likewise. Each child of God deserves to be loved and cared.We are to Love God and Serve others in which ever way we can. God is Love and Love is God. God first loved us before we ever loved Him. Look around you today and you will see there are so many people deprived of this state of Love within them. Friends there are many out there who are waiting for us to touch them with our Love. Today if you think that you still got some Love within you, Go out and share it with someone or those who really need your love my beloved ones.Its never too late to spread some Love to those who are around you today and also to those who you know are really in need of true genuine love.Someone out there badly needs your Love today.Do you have any to spare?

God Bless




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