“Are We Really Instruments Of God Bringing His Love Unto Others?”

13 02 2012

Shalom and greetings I bring to you my beloved friends around the world in the name of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ our Redeemer and Deliverer. My heartfelt prayer for you today my beloved ones is that each and everyone of us out there should be an Instrument to bring God’s Love, mercy, grace and compassion to the needy and suffering world that surrounds us all. Continue to read the rest of the article and Stay Blessed and Be Blessed at all times in Christ Jesus.Dearly beloved friends in Christ Jesus, it is good to be with all of you today by the grace and will of God. Be thankful at all times in all situations and circumstances. The Lord Jesus has blessed you with an Everlasting love of His upon your life and the life of your household. You will lack no good thing and God does not with hold any good things from those who love Him dearly. God daily benefits you with good things from above.See how blessed you are today from those around you! At times we forget to see our own blessings and how blessed we are when we fix our eyes unto what others have! We who are in Christ Jesus are a Blessed generation. The written word of God calls us to be blessed people because we have not seen the Lord Jesus, yet we believe and have faith and trust in Him!

Dearly beloved friends, looking at the above topic , “Are we really Instruments of God bringing His Love unto others in our daily walk of Life?” Many of us out there say that we love God so much with all our heart, mind, body and soul. We love God the person that we have not seen at all! How do we really say that we love God that is Unseen when we cannot bring the Love of God unto those who we can see and not love them? We do see people suffering in many ways but do we really care for them? Many of us just shun away from people like these. We do see them suffering and are in need but we do turn our eyes from them, don’t we? At times we do become so heartless that we really do not feel what others feel? Have you and I ever put ourselves in the shoes of one hungry soul? Of one cast away from the society? Of one that is abandon at Welfare homes and orphanage homes? Of one that sleeps on the street because they are homeless? Of one that is naked because they do not have clothes to put on? Of one that has no shoes on his feet because he or she has lost a limb? Of one that is in starvation when we have plenty of food on our table? Or one that is a leper or having an untouchable skin infection on his or her skin? How much do we love this kind of people? Mind you my friends, Jesus Our Lord was with these kind of people. They followed Jesus where ever he went from one village to another. Jesus love, compassion and grace drew the people to Him! Are we following in the footsteps of our Lord Jesus? How can we say that we love God when we cannot even be Instruments of bringing God’s Love unto others?

Dearly beloved friends, money can never buy the Love that people really need! People do not need money. What is the use of having a lot of money and you are the most loneliest person on earth? People want genuine Love that is the Agape Love of God. Loving others unconditionally without seeing from what background they come from. Can we love such people? If we say that we can then the Love of God is within us my beloved friends. Be like Jesus in our daily walk of Christian life. Even the untouchables and the outcasts of the Jewish society found Jesus approachable and available. Are we found to be approachable and available to the suffering and needy world out there? Lepers were outcasts of the society sometimes shunned even by their own blood relatives!  When the leper approached the Lord Jesus, he experienced love and compassion and the tenderness of God through the touch of Jesus. Jesus met the man’s misery with compassion and tender kindness.Jesus communicated the love and the mercy of God in a sign that spoke more eloquently than words. What is your reaction when the untouchables and the outcasts and those you find difficult to love approach you? Do you shun them away? Can you see yourself as a healing Instrument of bringing the Love of Jesus Christ to the world and society around you today? I leave this question for you to ponder on my beloved friends! Be assured that each and everyone of you out there are in my personal prayers daily. Love you all my beloveds with the Love of God!

God Bless





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