“I Am Closer To You Right Now,Closer Than You Can Even Imagine!”

14 02 2012

Shalom and greetings I bring to you my beloved friends in the name of Our Lord Jesus Christ our Savior, Redeemer and Deliverer. My prayer for you today my beloved ones is that God’s Unconditional love reigns in your heart. His love for you is UNEXPLAINABLE. God has Love you with this LOVE because you are His Treasured Possession. God will never let you feel that He is far away from you in times of trouble. Continue reading the rest of the article and Be Blessed at all times.Dearly beloved friends, there are many of us today as families and friends at present are now leaving so far away from one another. The reason could be because some are furthering their studies in different countries and some because of work. There are also some who are married and have to leave their parents and migrate to another country. Yes, at times we do all feel the distance of separation among one another. In good times and in trouble times, we wish that our loved ones could be with us! At times when we are not well and far away from the family we will feel even more. What do we do and what is our reaction in times like this? At times, we become so discouraged and some even can go under depression and stress.

Dearly beloved friends, there are many of us out there who are facing this situation. We become so trouble and at times we also go out of focus. We tend to rely on our own strength rather than putting our trust in God. We still find it so difficult to put our trust in God. Beloved friends, whatever situation and circumstances you are in today, do you know that God is so near to you? God is standing right outside the door of your heart knocking at it hoping that you would open the door to let Him come in. But many a time we do not want God to come into our hearts. We do not want Him to come into our hearts afraid that God will come to know the contents of your heart! How ignorant have we become not knowing that God knows EVERYTHING and not SOMETHING only about us? EVERYTHING that concerns us is TRANSPARENT before God’s very eyes!

Dear friends, God is ever near to us at all times to lead us and direct us in the right path. Many of you my friends are stuck halfway through your journey of life. You are confused and you are stranded not knowing what to do. You are stuck in a situation that you cannot come out from. You can be stuck in a wrong relationship, financial constraint,spiritual blindness, addiction,bribery or even in illegal business transactions! You really do not know what to do. You are even wondering if there is a way out for you or are you doomed in that situation and that there is No Way Out for you! Today, whatever situation you are in my beloved friends, be assured that God is even more closer to you then you least expect or imagine.

Dearly beloved, today the message of God is that God your Father is telling you that He understands your struggles in this life, he knows Everything that you are undergoing and the strength that you have at this time. God is telling you that in times like this He will not withdraw himself from you but rather draw himself closer to you. Closer then you could imagine. Closer so that,to handle all your situations and circumstances if you could only let Him into your heart to work on you. God knows that you are about to falter in your weaknesses and short comings. God is there to give you a helping hand and to draw you out from the trouble waters so that you do not get drowned in all your problems. God will never ever leave you or abandon you when you call for help unto Him. If you let God into your life today, He will put all things in order in your life. Friends, still the choice is left in your hands, if you want God to sort out things for you! God always holds our hands and will not let it go unless you let go of your hands from God. Think about it my friends!

God Bless





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