“Are You Being Sandwiched Today?”

17 02 2012

Shalom and greetings I bring to you my beloved friends around the globe in the mighty name of Our Lord Jesus Christ our Savior, Redeemer and Deliverer.My prayer for you today is that God will give you the grace and strength to endure all things that you are undergoing currently in your life. You are trying to stagger in what you are facing now. Be of great courage because the God of the Universe is holding you in the palms of His Hands. Continue to read the rest of the article and see how God will bring you through. Stay Blessed and Be Blessed at all times.Dearly beloved friends, many of us today are being “Sandwiched” by so many things in this life. Have you really seen how a real sandwich is made? Sandwich can consist of any ingredients that we want to put in the bread. We can have ham and cheese sandwich, egg sandwich or even a tuna sandwich! Do you see yourself today as a walking ham and cheese sandwich? There might be a good reason to it. More and more people are becoming part of the “sandwich generation.” These so call sandwich generation people are feeling the squeeze of caring and supporting for their children, parents and also their in-laws.I bet that there are many of us out there currently are in that “sandwiched generation situation!”

Dearly beloved friends, it is not only you and I that are currently in that situation. If we go back to the book of Ruth in the Old Testament, you will see that Ruth and Boaz were also in the same situation that you and I are in today.  But the beauty of these two people is that they both provided an ancient example on how to care for children and ageing parents. Boaz, after choosing to take the widow Ruth as his wife (Ruth 4:10), Boaz also accepted the responsibility of caring for Ruth’s ageing and destitute mother in law Naomi (Ruth 4:16)  who was also  widow. Boaz did not neglect Noami or ask her to go back or did he ever abandon her. It must have not been an easy task to do, but he knew his responsibility and love towards the ageing and destitute widow. God blessed Boaz and Ruth with a child whom they named Obed who became the grandfather of King David.

Dearly beloved friends, from the account of Ruth and Boaz, we can see that there are two principles that instruct us when we are feeling the multi-generation squeeze. Firstly, God requires us as children of God, that we lovingly care for both children and parents. Is it not our responsibility to care and love them both? We as parents brought our children into this world, and you were brought into this world by your parents! So do you not think that we have to care for them both, regardless what situation or circumstances we are in today! Echoing from Jesus’ example of making sure His mother was cared for (John 19:25-27), the apostle Paul wrote,”Those who would not care for their relatives have denied the true faith ( 1 Timothy 5:8). In the same passage, he goes on saying that we must care for the widows who are part of our family (1 Timothy 5:16).

Dearly beloved friends, the young and the old need each other. At times it is sad to see that many children have abandon their parents once they get married. The wife will not want to accept her mother in law as her own mother but sees her as an out law. Likewise it goes the same for the husband too. If we are not going to love and care for them, Who will by friends? As children who are married, let us follow the example of Boaz and Ruth who faithfully cared for Naomi. It is interesting to know that Naomi the widow ended up caring for and nurturing Obed (Ruth 4:16). What a great picture of a healthy family, with the older teaching and modelling faith to the young and likewise too the young showing love and care to the older generation.

Dearly beloved friends, being sandwiched in the family can be really tough. Especially when the husband is torn between the two women in his life. His mother and his wife! Here it calls for love, responsibility and understanding! It is never easy I know because of the generation gap of understanding. But that is FAMILY right? As how Jesus Christ is being sandwiched for all of us, yet He did not abandon any one of us. We have a Family in Christ as Jesus is the Head of every Family. So as children of God, if you feel that you are being sandwiched today, rejoice because there is great blessings when you care for your children and your age old destitute parents. “What you Sow that is what you will Reap!” Have a blessed day.

God Bless





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