Is The Language Of Love And Lust The Same?

21 02 2012

Love or Lust 1I Love you, I Love You, I Love You! Trust me in this….I will never leave you nor cheat you! Believe me! Such a common phrase most of us who are in love will really say to the person we love or we might think that we are in love with that person. We cannot deny that right? Yes, Is the language of Love and Lust the same? Both says “I Love You!” Many young people are falling into the trap of lust rather than love. It is not only the teenagers but the adults too!

They really cannot see the difference between Lust and Love. That is why we can see so many unhealthy happenings upon the younger generation. Sorry on this statement, but more teenagers are losing their virginity at a very early stage. The reason is because they do not know  the difference between Love and Lust!  Most of them fall into the trap of Lust.  First and foremost let us see the meaning of lust and what does it really mean.

The meaning of Lust is to have an eager, passionate and especially an inordinate or sinful desire, as for the gratification of the sexual appetite or of covetousness. It is a licentious craving and a longing desire to fulfill sexual appetite.Lust manipulates others for the purpose of meeting one’s own needs even at the sacrifice of others! This is the true meaning of Lust! Lust cannot wait and it wants its sexual appetite to be fulfill but LOVE can wait. It will wait for its true love even though it may take time. Love will not crave for its selfish sexual desire. It will honor and respect the person that it Loves. Love will not want to satisfy its sexual appetite of the flesh. That is why we see so many people the adults and the younger ones having sex before wedlock. Many have fallen into the trap of Lust.

Having sex before wedlock violates God’s law.Sex is a beautiful thing but we have misused it. Sex is a gift from God to those who are married. If you girls out there have given yourself into the selfish desire of the person whom you say you love just to fulfill his sexual appetite then you are totally trapped.How sure are you that the person you had sex with will marry you?

What do you have to offer to your spouse on your wedding night? The thrill is gone! Why do you think that people call it a “FIRST NIGHT?” Yes, this is what most of the guys who say that they love a girl will say to them, “If you really love me, then you will have sex with me to fulfill my sexual desire and appetite!” Is this what Love is all about?If we love the person do we need to show them that we love them by having sex with them outside wedlock? If this is the kind of person who demands you to fulfill his sexual desire, it is better off that you stop your relationship with him or her. If either one says that they love each other so much then they will honor and respect the person that they love. Because LOVE CAN WAIT!

Remember that Love is from the heart but Lust is from the flesh. Love will say I can wait but Lust will say I Want It Now! Love will sacrifice itself for anything but not Lust. Lust does not say I Love You because it is only meant to fulfill its sexual desire. In one single word it says that Love is for Life but Lust is for a Night only! The very next day you can see that the person that whom you say that you love will be with another person to gratify the sexual desire of his or her flesh! Sorry to say that there are many who are caught blindly in this situation without knowing the difference between Love and Lust!

Before I end my article, this is a small piece of advice to those who think that they are really in love with one another. Sex outside wedlock will bring you much pain and suffering if you ever happen to marry that person whom you say that you are so much in love. It will backfire you one day, because this will be your minus point in your life! It will always be an issue if there is an argument and suspicion in your married life. Your spouse may even say to you, “If you can have sex with me before marriage, how many men have you slept with before marrying me?” This is just an excuse for them to ruined a marriage because they might have someone else in their life! Do give a good thought about it my dear ones. Why ruined your life just to gratify the sexual desire of your partner? Love is something beautiful to be cherished and honored.This is just my opinion. The Choice is still yours to decide!

God Bless

Jasmine. C





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