“How Fruitful Or Fruitless Are We Believers Today?”

23 02 2012

Shalom and greetings I bring to you my beloved friends in the name of Our Lord Jesus Christ Our Savior, Redeemer and Deliverer. My heartfelt prayer as we move into the second day of Lent, is that God will give us the strength and grace to move on with our daily life. May the hindrances that are blocking the pathway of your blessings be removed from your path. In whatever you do today SURRENDER all things to God because You are His main Concern!Continue to read the rest of the article and may you and your whole household Stay Blessed and Be Blessed at all times.Dearly beloved friends of mine around the globe today! You are indeed a very special person in the eyes of God. You are the apple of God’s eye. No matter from which background, race or religion you come from, You are God’s Creation and You are His Child.It does not matter what others think of You, to God your Creator you are precious in His sight and You are His treasured possession. We all start of our day by going to work and some are homemakers. We meet a lot of people everyday and we also interact with so many people on that day. Just pause for a while and think how many people you have interacted for that day. How did we really handle these people by the way we think, by our actions and by our words?

Dearly beloved friends, as we call ourselves to be true believers and disciples of Jesus Christ, in what manner have we associate with our fellow workers and friends? How have we treated others? How concern are we towards the weak and suffering? Do we handle these people with Love? Are we being fair to them when we are in the power to act? We as Believers have to stand out at this point my dear ones. We are to be DIFFERENT than others. We are to bear Good FRUIT. We are to be FRUITFUL and not FRUITLESS in everything that we do and say! Many of us who are believers have been so ignorant on such things.

Dearly beloved friends, if Jesus Christ is the Tree and we are the Fruit of that tree then we are to bear good fruit. Jesus Christ is good in all ways and we could see that by His Fruit. So if we say that we belong to the Fruit of that tree then we are to bear good fruit, right? Because every  good tree produces good fruit if it is taken care and cultivated well. Let us take a good look at ourselves today and see how it reflects each one of us. We are already in the second day of the Season of Lent. Many of us would have said that we want to fast.  It is good that you say that you want to fast, but by fasting make sure that we have the right attitude of heart towards God.

Now let us take a good look at the nine(9) Fruit of the Holy Spirit that we as believers need to cultivate within us not only in the Season of Lent but also in our daily life. By our Fruit people will see if we are truly children and disciples of Jesus Christ! The Fruit of the Spirit; kindness, self-control, peace, love, patience, goodness, faithfulness, joy and gentleness.(Galatians 5:22-23) Do we all as believers possess these Fruit of the Holy Spirit? How kind have we been unto others today? Are we living in peace with everyone regardless of who they are? How lovable are we towards others? How patient have we been in everything that we do and encounter? Is there goodness in everything that we do? Is there true faithfulness in our deeds towards others? Have we brought joy unto others and how gentle are we in our ways when we approach others? Do we have the self-control to control ourselves or abstain ourselves from things that we feel is wrong in thought, word and deeds? Let us take time to ponder on all these my friends!

Dearly beloved friends, it is really never easy to have all this nine Fruit within us but we can ask God to help us produce this fruit within us. And especially during this Season of Lent, it is indeed a time of testing, trials and temptations.God knows our weaknesses and He will strengthen each one of us. Let us take to heart that we are to be Fruitful to bear good fruits for the Kingdom of God. By our Fruits people around us will know if we belong to the children of the  Light or the children of the Darkness. So make every effort to bear good Fruit to be a good witness to the people around us. We as Believers have to make a DIFFERENCE to the world out there. Love you all with the Love of Jesus Christ.

God Bless





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